Need some Barb WIsdom

Hello, I am looking for advice on how to take my barb to higher MP levels. Currently I'm stuck MP4 (I'm pretty comfortable there) MP5+ just seems too difficult to stay alive at this point. Have a look at my char and any advice is appreciated.
I would reccomend more life steal, 5-6% on gear. Ive never played with the your weapon set but check ok You can import your gear and mess around with some new weapons and see where your tDPS goes. Most run a mace or axe in the mainhand and Echoing Fury in their offhand. Upgrade your gems and get look to get more vitality in general. I woulnd't call myself an expert but with my current set up I can do MP8 without to much trouble.
put solemn on main hand and get your life to over 40k, I don't believe you have enough all res. Are you sitting at 500 unbuffed?

Dep's advice is not wrong but is not good. If you get more life steal and loose attack speed you hit less and heal less. 3% LS + 1000 LoH is good enough for mp6 as long as you can take 4 hits, with you armor you can take more than that. Assume you have 100k on crt and your chance is 50% so each hit you have 50k. 50 x 0.03 x 0.20 = 300 Life per attack. You life on hit will heal more when you use bash. But you must have at least 3% LS because the proc rate for LoH on ww and spirit is about 10%, so 1000 x 0.1 = 100 per hit.

I have no problem in mp7, except I need more dps, so the kill time is slow.
Simply switch to an axe/mace for your main hand will increase your damage significantly

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