Question about weapon

I've got an apps for Android wich show the difference between two weapons.
I've seen on Youtube a guide about Barbarian and he said that the DPS on the offhand was not really important, the stats was more important (str, crit) I've took the apps to see if it was true and now i'm confuse :)

Exemple...if i have a weapon in both hand, even if lower the dps of my main hand or offhand, my overall dps will lose the exact same dps in both situation but if i've understand the guide, i should lose more overall dps if i lower my main hand right?

I hope my question is clear. Thanks
Certain skills use main hand dps while others alternate.
Sprint Tornado's use main hand while ww will alternate between both
Character sheet dps is not very accurate as it shows you what your dps would be by auto-attacking

Most ww barbs use high dps MH and then have high stats on OH because they use tornados to kill and the OH to buff.

It gets more complicated with attack speed and ect, but basically fast OH, and high dmg MH
Nice thanks for reply :)
I will use this with my spec.

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