How do you cope with death?

Hardcore has been alot of fun for me so far but I have never thought about what I would do if my character died. My barb died becuae I alt tabbed while unpaused but he was only lvl 52 so it was a minor loss. People say that I shouldn't get emotionally attached to my character but after all the time I have put into him it seems impossible. So what im wondering is how do you cope with death?
In all seriousness, my first death sent me packing back to softcore for a while. I was pretty discouraged given it was my first character, and that I died before I could even establish some wealth - died in Act 3 Hell 60 (0).

Since I came back to HC and started farming inferno, I've put an hour or two each week into levelling alts. Now I've got 3 60s capable of farming Act 3, and a 4th on the way. The death of my main would suck, but I'd recover right away.

So to answer your question: I cope by planning for the worse to mitigate how much the loss would hurt.
Once you hit 60 making some other HC alts is a great suggestion.

If you die at 60 with some Plvl's it will really string to only have the option of logging out or being lvl 1 again.

Also make sure while you are 60 to help others level so when you die others will be more inclined to help you.

I lost a 99 in d2 hardcore 1.10 ladder race , I was #1 on the ladder and bam died to a doll at 2am in the morning. Oh the pain that was! Nothing can compare now, pain wise to me!
The last time I died, I went back to ranked solo queue for a month.
I guess I'm prepared in that regard as I have a demon hunter alt who is already paragon lvl 5 but I am quite narrow minded and the only reason I have 2 60s is because I got bored of dh.
last time I gutted a ps1 and implanted an alarm clock into the case seamlessly (well it's decent)

actually works really well i gotta open the lid and work my hand inside to hit the snooze button

usually though i beat a console game while selling all the stuff on my mules for a couple weeks i'm always so broke post game...!@#$in demonhunters so perfect until the smallest lag spike wipes you the %^-* out
I took a long break and got rich in SC before coming back to own it up.
a wizard friend of mine 76 plvl died like 3 days ago now she is plvl 26+ Can't stay down forever keep playing what you enjoy. She also has support from her teammates, though every level is painful and every GRATZ per level from your teammates makes you want to just blurt out some profanity.
I just got my 2nd HC toon to 60(2) only to die again. I have a much smaller amount of time to play D3 than most folks and, since coming to HC, I feel like most of that has been spent leveling from 1-60 (which I really don't enjoy). I've never really been able to build up any wealth either.

I think the main issue is I'm playing barbarians, a class I'm very comfortable with, and I just don't stay paranoid enough! I'm taking a break from HC (probably not too long) to level my P35 SC barb. He's pretty geared so it's refreshing just to be able to faceroll everything. Once I get tired of that (which usually doesn't take long) I'm going to make an HC wizard. I think if I make a class I know is squishy I'll be more careful.

We'll see how that works out LOL
It takes me only a few days tops to get level 60 - so death doesn't bother me as much as I thought it would. Crappy part is forking out tons of money to re-gear characters, but I guess its kinda fun to do.

Think I've had about 8 level 60 hardcore deaths so far or something - 1 or 2 of every class - except WD, since they are by far the most OP at surviving in hardcore.

I love the risk element though and never even think of going back to softcore again. There's no risk/reward system in softcore - if you die, so what, no incentive to play carefully or bother with defensive builds much. But hardcore there's a big penalty always weighing in the back of your mind, which makes you play on the edge of your seat a lot of the time and giving you a constant feed of adrenaline.

To sum up, death in hardcore is bittersweet - because you likely just did something reckless or dropped your guard - and you bring this knowledge into your next character. However, one situation where death would be not funny at all (I imagine) is when you die from something you had no control over like sudden lag or d/c (never happens to me thankfully).
I die all the time. Attachment seems like a distant memory. P15 hurt a bit tho
Since you don't lose your gold or shared stash when you die, as long as you have gained some wealth from the character that died in terms of backup gear/gems/gold it makes the death easier to handle. I have only lost one so far so I don't have a lot of experience with it but I was farming inferno at the time so I had built up a good amount of gold and gems from that first character. Rerolling was significantly easier the 2nd time around with access to more gold and gear from the original.

My goal is to always try to stay safe and not do something that is risky until you have built up some wealth to fall back on if things go south. Also having an alt to fall back onto is a great way to get right back into action when you lose your main. I just finished leveling an alt the other day, so it takes the weight off my mains shoulders a little bit knowing that I have a backup ready to go if needed.
I personally buy into the 'it's about the journey' argument. Which actually annoys me a little, since proverbs are the spawns of Satan!.

Although, if I personally didn't attend to what I was doing in-game at any given point and enjoying that experience, than I would seriously question my motivation for playing. I'll grant that having little goals and being able to achieve them are also satisfying. But putting 100's of hours into an artificial goal (that will keep being pushed further and further) while not enjoying the actual game-play seems irrational. At which point, losing a character doesn't seem 'as' bad. And while progression is obviously important in a RPG type game, there is no reason why it has to be linear.

Actually I was right the first time.... Proverbs are lame as #$%$.... And of I lost my monk I would probably go ape-!@#$... Especially if it is due to a disconnect.
Dont get too attached. Usually I just reroll after screaming out loud, which garners strange looks from my wife, cats and child most the time... then I go to cancelling auctions, clearning stash, and pulling out levelling gear from a stash alt =)

And I don't even play as much as others, I've killed about 4 level 60s, few in the 50s and countless sub 50s that have recently been deleted heh
I am usually toying with a new build ideas all the time. So when I die I more-so look at it as an opportunity to try a new build from scratch.
Death in HC is not to be feared. It will find you and when it does you welcome it.

There is alot to be learned from loss. If you lost your character fighting a really tough enemy, then you've died an Honorable Death and that is to be celebrated, not mourned.

To die fighting is the ultimate expression of HC (well, except for living of course).

You learn from your mistakes, you learn because loss hurts. And the next time you roll a character you learn and you get better. And then you turn around and you have a better character that kills more things and then it dies. And you learn and you re-roll and you get better.

You learn to love each and every minute you play your character and then when it dies, you take all that experience and wisdom and no-how and make a better one.

How do I deal with death? . . .with a smile . . .and then I re-roll. Because I will (and I continue to ) get better each time.
Ya death sucks in HC but gota get back up on that horse and ride it like you stole it. Lost my highest lvled HC toon to date a 57 WD. Starting a Monk 2nite after work. Here we go!!!!
i make a better character
I had a witch doctor who got killed due to bad latency and lag.

Got out with my Barbarian and covered myself in blood and guts while shouting for vengeance. After a while, I realized I was playing with anger and not with my head and that was going to get me killed (I was in a frame of mind of "Oh, you hit me? You damage me? Come on, you little creeps, I can take it, can you?").

So I relaxed, logged out and cleared my mind.

I'd hate for my main to die, but if/when that happens, well. I'm trying to embrace the fatality of what we do out there in Sanctuary.

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