Sooo...Barbs forgot how to dual weild?

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MIGHTY WEAPONS............there is your answer now please delete this thread.
Pretty sure you wrote an "I quit" post last week.

Yup, found it:

Go quit and move on with life. Stop trolling the D3 forums.

I came back.

Because I have ADHD and Diablo is the only thing that cures this deficiency.

Can't i get a welcome back? Or should i make a 'Welcome back' thread.

In any case, if you have nothing constructive to say, then leave, thanks :P Or you can stay and be "that guy", ya know , the one that annoys everyone with useless information.

01/27/2013 10:00 PMPosted by Immt
wow cybergoat you are good :D

You supporting him makes you look even more blasphemous. :P

Stay on topic. Thanks!

This is too funny! It's not useless information to have someone point out, along with your own self affirmation, that your attention span is very limited and you change your mind a lot. So....why would anyone one want to listen to your BS:) - Other then fellow Barbs who've completely conquered this game arleady and are WAAAAAAAHHH!ing on the forums.

Yeah, I do feel better now, thanks!
I want to dual wield a Schaefer's Hammer and a Skorn. I support the OP.
01/27/2013 10:04 PMPosted by Stalkerous
Well he is a cyber-goat and a troll.
No troll here! Not an ounce in my blood! I just report the facts. :D
1 word. $$Expansion$$
01/28/2013 12:02 AMPosted by gd1
I can just imagine 2 skorn with sockets and crits. If 200% is possible and the 110% gem comes out we could be looking at 620% CD from the weapons themselves. With 2 handed damage. What dps could that bring?

even if you could dual wield 2 handers , you couldnt do it with skorn cause its unique equipped as any other legendary.
Unfortunately this is just a game design mechanic and we have to suspend disbelief. Yeah, it's not great, but it happens. ALL THE TIME.

D&D 2e, most non-human races couldn't play certain classes and could only reach low levels in the majority of others. In 3e they are all basically equal to humans.

Meteor/Comet was a black magic spell in FF 4 and a time magic spell in FFT.

Hurt in DQ was replaced with fire-typed firebolt in DQ2, but they're the same spell.

Mario & company forgot how to power jump after SMB2/doki doki panic until Luigi remembered how in Super Paper Mario. Additionally, SMRPG repeatedly refers to Mario as the best jumper in the land, but in SMB2/ddp, SMB2/tll, and Super Paper Mario, Luigi is a better jumper.

Cure4/Curaja appears and disappears between FF games.

Breath of Fire 1, 2, and especially 3 have different dragon mechanics despite them existing in the same world and the main character in each essentially being a reincarnation of the same guy. (BTW 1&2's maps are very similar and 3's mural directly references those games.)

A minority of Metroid games explain why Samus starts without the upgrades of the previous game. The rest just make it happen without reason.

Alucard can gain levels in C:SOTN while he can't in C3, and in fact no one can prior to C:SOTN. A Belmont can in nearly every game after that point, but in most of C1-C4 plus the gameboy games the main character not only doesn't get stronger as the game progresses, he/she actually takes more damage per hit as the game progresses.

Should I continue?
01/28/2013 01:15 AMPosted by TheSaint
None of those games had a billion dollar company backing them. They threw a rock in the air and missed.

Really? TSR/Wizards of the Coast, Nintendo, Capcom, Square/Enix, and Konami are small companies?

You are dumb.
yea i would like to see this too.

Sure Barbs now can dual wield 2 handers.

However all stats on each 2 hander is reduced by half.
01/28/2013 01:30 AMPosted by TheSaint
Research the history behind at the very least SM2. "doki doki panic". Don't call me dumb unless you know your history.

Note that in my original post I differentiated between SMB2/ddp (doki doki panic) and SMB2/tll (The Lost Levels.)

I am not insulting you over anything so piddly, rather, your insistence that my examples are meaningless because they are not

01/28/2013 01:15 AMPosted by TheSaint
billion dollar company

Whether or not that is the case (and whether or not it matters), every game I mentioned has come from a company with equal or greater impact on gaming than Blizzard. Your dismissal of this fact is why I so harshly judged you. I apologize for the name-calling, but the fact remains my point is completely sound in every way.
read their section of the weapons, DW is to buff stats on items, 2 hand is for high dmg for skills. the possible stat bonus' from DW 2 2handers is ridiculous. Just think of what you could do with 2 good skorns:1100 main stat, 400% CD, 12% LL/1800LoH, 12k-24k bleed. any of these is a significant advantage over every other class, but all of them at once? finding how to debuff the offhand to the point to make it balanced is just extra work they don't want.
Barbs could not dual wield all 2 handed weapons in Diablo 2, only swords.
While we're at it,
barb can DW two-hand weapon,
wiz and wd can use bow with source/mojo and quiver strapped,
Dh can have 2h-xbow with quiver and hand crossbow in off-hand,
monk with fists weapon and shield on the back.

We are fine with the damage reduction, let us have our fun. So nice when my enchantress can carry a maul bigger than my demon hunter.

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