Language Selection Error - PRT 1.0.7

Technical Support
I was changing language: English(British) to English
in:Options --> Game Account --> Language Selection:
Generate Error Code: 0A83BA5C-64DD-4B19-9842-E48019A07EF0

after click on game icon "Diablo III Public Test" - Started a new full game download :(
(PTR 1.0.7)
So you got trolled by the people saying doing this would fix the AH issue?

You can change it back as soon as it hits the yellow bar, but even then, it will still force you to download the 2GB regardless. I'm pretty sure there is not 2GB of text in this game (that would be 8 billion characters, more than 1 billion average-size words), so it means they do not do a very good job at separating text files from core game files.

It is still very dumb that you cannot cancel the download whatsoever.

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