Based on my build/dps do you think LOH or LS

I realize that you do not get LOH from the cyclones and that LOH can vary and have a different scale depending on the skill used. I realize LS is reduced 80% in inferno.
I currently use fists of thunder with thunderclap and sweeping wind with cyclone. My paper dps is about 85k but a decent amount more with lightning damage and my won kim lau. Based on that, do you think a 850 LOH or a 3.0 LS weapon would be a better choice if they were similar weapons?

The LS you get from Cyclones is based on how often you hit (IAS), How well you hit (CC) and how much damage the cyclones are doing; certain items can give you skills in Sweeping Wind damage specifically. If you plan on keeping the weapon for a long time, or if you are going to upgrade other gears to amp up the capabilities which contribute to the sources of effective DPS, go with LS.
You almost certainly want LpH, although Virtueboy's point about picking LS for a long-term weapon is a good one. Even if your real DPS were 500K, a 3.0% LS weapon would return only 3K life per second. Because of Thunderclap's haste modifier, you'd need an APS around 1.88 or so to match that figure, assuming 850 LpH. So it depends on your APS.
Thanks for your replies. I decided to go with LoH as you can see in my main hand for now. My attack speed is the next attribute I am going to work on. I just need to figure out my best attack speed increase for slot to get that speed increase.
Thorgrimn it maybe a hard sell cause I know you love that pet skeleton but change up the Wailing Host for an IAS ring with better DPS. After that shoot for gloves with IAS I know it maybe hard to change your current pair case it provides solid eHP but you can definitely push a lot more DPS in that slot. Those 2 slots will net you 18% and when you feel a bit more comfortable perhaps an Inna's Temporance with a Vit roll can be looked into.


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