CM Ring? TriFecta Pox


87 int
39 pr
69 ar
7 ias

Recently attained, is it a really good cm ring?
Or are they usually not as popular?
Seems like some cm's are moving to ice climbers + rare rings..
If i was to sell it, the ah prices are probably over priced, whats a min this would go for?

Any help appreciated Thanks a bunch!
Any ring with INT/CC/IAS can be a good CM ring, this has AR even, so yes it works.

Its inflated value from rares comes from the set bonus it has with other zuni pieces.

Yours is still pretty valuable, 4.5cc is not bad and near max AR, along with some half decent IAS.

Prices on AH are a bit out of wack. Most are grossly over priced. I'd expect this one to go for around 500m.

Little more, little less depending how many dupe poxes are avaliable lol.
yeah i've heard about duping, if it appears more then once on diabloprogress ( e.g when you click the pox and it shows like 6 people with it ) is that likely duped?

i found mine so im the only one with it ( according to dp )
was just wondering.
I offer you 270m for it. Maybe on the lower side, but you get gold right away and no ah tax. Let me know.
thanks for the offer but i've already had offers of 300 +
300 by fearme,
350 c/o

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