Plvl11 blinkietwo r.i.p

getting used to archon build got caught in a narrow hallway with waller/arcanes teleport on my archon failed to jump the wall the leech to damage taken didnt work in my favor this time around in the mix of 3 sentry's. on second thoughts now i wonder if i canceled archon could i have used teleport regular. None the less blinkieThree otw!!!!!

Yep, archon is super fun but teleport is not 100% great. You can get stuck and can't tele where you point, and when there are vortex/arcane/waller/teleport elites surrounding you, even deciding to cancel archon, etc... takes seconds of critical time. But the fun factor is worth it sometimes.

But best of luck in the reroll.
Happened to me before once, when I was archon, failing my archon teleport. I immediately paused, to save the half second it would take to move my mouse over the buff. And then got rid of it and teleported out. Very close call. And then like two days later I was slain legit by some fast shielding pack that seemed to have shielding up 100%. No it wasn't invulnerable minions, those had just gotten removed from the game. I remember thinking, WTF is invulnerable affix changed to green color now? Turns out they were all just shielded, and then refreshed at just the right time.

Anyways, rip

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