Another "What to Upgrade" CM/WW Post

I hadn't played since early July until about a week ago. I've read numerous guides / have seen multiple BIS lists and have been poking around the AH. I only have 37M right now and I'm not familiar enough with prices / fluctuation in prices to know what to watch / what item provides the best bang for the buck.

I know my rings/boots need to be upgraded the most, but any other criticism would be very much welcomed. Opinions on sets? What gear to prioritize first?
Belt first =)
I've been watching the AH for a good (or rather a not bad) one that I could potentially bid on / get a deal on but prices on those things > me.

Also - at this point I don't know if it'd be more beneficial to upgrade a few pieces at 10-15m each or just get one big upgrade at a time
just get the cheapest WH for starters. you can re-sell it without much loss (1m? max) and you gain like gazillions over what you have.
kk tyty

Once I replace the belt, is there a priority as to which other pieces should be completed first i.e. "Boots are a vital piece b/c of X stat" or "Rings should be purchased before everything else?"
check out my wiz build. chanto's not always the best choice. sloraks madness is pretty good too.

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