Need Advice Improving My Wiz

Hello all,

I'm trying to improve my wizard's dps for CM as much as I can(sitting on 40k without buffs atm). If someone could please look at my gear and give me feedback on what I need to upgrade to give me more dps I'd be thankful. I'm handling inferno act 3 well with what I have right now, so I'm fine with staying with the same res of right now and armor value. I have 13m to spend, so I also want to know how far I can get with that.

get some crit damage on that amulet to start.
You really need a chands force, go for IAS (about 9%), Crit C (10%) and some Int (around 150) and maybe some vit if you can get. Will cost about 2-3m but will be worth it

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