What is this worth?


1025.6 dps
222-547 poison dam
186 dex
168 vit
increases attack speed by 11%
crit dam 68%

2 sockets

There is none like it and was wondering if anyone here can help me i can put it on my WD if u need to see it thanks anything info would help.
a lot. i'd say over 40mil. it has 2 sockets and correct stats for dh.
nice i was thinking a pretty good amount i got it from a weapon rack in stone fort was so awesome!
I have a similar one on me & I got it for 7.2 mil last week...You might wait few weeks before it sells for 40 min...
nice thanks ya if i can't sell it after being up for a week or so i will just make a DH manticores with vit and 2 socks is hard to come by at least in AH
Its a very nice bow the only knock on it I see if no leech but still its a great bow.
Thanks yah i wish it had life steal but what can u do

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