Newcomer Introductions (with Giveaways)


So the story is that my stash and several mules are full and it is annoying me to no end... Most of the stuff are not great, and is more entry A3 MP0 type gear. Since I am obviously incapable of either selling it fast enough or stop hoarding altogether (and I don't have any friends that needs this lvl of gear) I have decided to do a small giveaway/donation to the community.

If you are a newcomer to US HC. Post a small introduction in this post (feel free to divulge as little or as much personal information that you are comfortable with) along with your favourite and least favourite thing about HC; also feel free to include any question you might have about build/gear or whatever else seems relevant. I will do a gear check, and get back to you if I have any gear that will help you out. This offer is good as long as stocks last, and will work as a first come first serve basis (please don't send me friend requests, I will do a gear check and get back to you IF I have anything that would help you out).

Even if I don't have any gear that would be helpful for you specifically, this might be a good venue to meet people to play with, especially since a lot of people consider pub games to be unsafe. So also feel free to include if you are looking for friends to play with, as well as gaming goals.

If any other HC 'Vets' are having similar issues and/or want to contribute, you are welcome to 'hijack' this thread.

(If I remove you friends list after the gear check, it is nothing personal! I just need the space)
I have never played WD.. this is my first time playing WD on SC or HC and I have NO IDEA what to roll with, so far I have zombie dogs and gargantuan, a slow, an escape, and an aoe mana nuke with blow darts... any gear would be super helpful!! Mischa#1595
Just hit 60, gearing up to brave inferno. Played D2 HC constantly back in the day. Pretty proud of this char as it is actually my first and I (knock on wood) have not lost an HC char yet.

I'm curious where I should farm, all the ilvl gear from A3 is too low (sub 60) and I'm nowhere near there for Inferno (200 all res, not much dps). I tear through Hell atm.

As you can see from my sexy blue rings, if you've been farming A3 MP0 there may be some useful upgrades in that stash. I actually just did the same thing because I horded low lvl gear. I went into an a1 quest 1 game and just dumped it all... actually that was suspicious enough I had to unlock my account because they thought I got hacked.

Anyhow, I'm not on atm but I'll be on <2hrs. If anything is left by that point hit me up.
01/27/2013 05:03 PMPosted by Mischa
I have never played WD.. this is my first time playing WD on SC or HC and I have NO IDEA what to roll with, so far I have zombie dogs and gargantuan, a slow, an escape, and an aoe mana nuke with blow darts... any gear would be super helpful!! Mischa#1595

You should select your 2nd passive. I'd drop grasp for soul harvest. SH is much more useful at 60 than grasp so get used to using it.
@Mishca your build look OK to me, I think generally lvling a new char is good time to try out all the skills and mess around. Don't really have any spare low lvl gear. Repost or edit your post when you hit 60 and I might have some pieces for you.

@Odie D2 HC is where it's at! I'll have some stuff for you when you log on. Really hot, humid and rainy outside. Doing some washing and other lame household tasks, but I will probably be around (more or less) all day.
Paragon lv 100'd on SC and ready to get back into HC. Managed to hit lv 60 on a HC barb back in the day but got too scared to wander into inferno.
Hi brah, plvl 100 definitively shows dedication. It certainly used to be a lot harder back in the days. You are sort of 'unlucky' as I'm making a barb that I can play when I get too drunk... But I'll definitively have a few pieces for you :)

Welcome to the 'real game' as some people would like to call it :p (myself not included, waiting for a 'real' pvp patch!).
hi, free give outs or not. im new to the hc scene, havent made past lvl 20 yet, but still trying...
i only play on mp 10 because ah items are affordable for the time being. im really just looking to add some buddies to play with. donations are much appreciated, but certainly not obligatory.
oh and im playing a dh. never built one and have found her quite interesting. a change from the barb i have, and more fun than a wizz i had.
Hey brothas,

I just joined HC yeseterday. Got my toon to 27 i think. I've only played SC before and have a Plvl72 Wiz who rocks :) My buddy ballallday only plays HC and finally convinced me to try it out since I was complaining about D3 being boring. HC definitely livens it up abit. I started a Monk since he said that was toughest and most durable HC class. If you have any tips or any items that might be useful i'd appreciate the help :) Can't wait till i hit 60, just saayyiinn...add me in game lets farm.

Happy Hunting
I just started HC a couple weeks ago, playing it on and off. I absolutely love it. I just recently hit 60 with my barb this past weekend. I bought a few things to help with inferno, but I think I need to farm some more before I feel comfortable going any further. Feel free to take a look at my barb. I going pretty much all tank for survivability.

As far as my favorite thing about HC is that it seems so much more fun even though it's the exact same. I guess the thrill of knowing that I could be killed any moment keeps me on my toes and keeps me focused. I don't have anything that's least favorite about it, but I guess that will change when I die to something that's completely out of my control (lag, dc, etc).

Guys like you are awesome for doing stuff like this.
Hello, I started out playing a SC wizard and I eventually got him to lvl 60. Got tired of all my drops literally being worthless due to the crap they call an "economy" in SC, so I decided to join HC. First character in HC I rolled a Barb and got him to lvl 35 within 10 hours or so. As I was traveling in the A1 Nightmare Crypts, I D/C'd while fighting an arcane pack ... Yah GG first HC character.

After taking a short break I decided to re roll my Barb. Long story short, I was blazing through content and in no time my Barb was lvl 50 in Hell A1. Again, I D/C in the SAME crypts around 2 WHITE mobs ... Somehow 2 A1 hell white mobs killed a Barbarian with 50% armor reduction, 40% all resist reduction, and 35k HP ... Yah how the hell does that happen??? Ohh yah, and the lvl 50 Barb D/C was from blizzards end I believe. My buddy who I was chatting with at the time also got D/C around the same time as me aswell. Somehow he(a DH) managed to survive, but I(the Barb) didn't ... go figure hahaha. Also I've currently rerolled my 3rd barb and he is lvl 23!

Best thing I like about HC - The economy and being on edge

Worst thing I dislike about HC - D/C deaths (Imo their should be something implemented to lessen deaths from these) and also players who kill others(never has happened to me just I read about them all the time) with the player kick "bug".

If anyone wants to group up with my lvl 23 Barb just send a request, though I usually run mp 5-10, or if anyone is feeling generous enough to plevel, that'd be cool aswell :P

Battle ID - Dalton#1234
I hit lvl 60 last night, I managed to get myself a decent starter set for under 1m I saved up while leveling.

I played a tank spec when I leveled my sc barb but eventually went to scorn/hota. It is fun to go back to sword and board without people complaining my dps is too low.

Happy to see that people are having fun in HC. I am also appreciating reading peoples experience with HC thus far :)

I don't really have low lvl gear to give away. And I decided to do gear checks and give people stuff they can actually use, which seems more fair. I do have a low lvl barb that I eventually want to lvl and I might look up some people in this thread when I do.

I still have tons of stuff, so there is a pretty high chance of getting at least a few upgrades if you just started (or about to start) inferno, and probably all the way up untill entry A3MP0 progression. If you for some reason don't want upgrades, but just want to do an intro and maybe meet some new players, that is cool too!

GLHF and stay safe, but not too safe (it defeats the purpose of HC!)
Chillbill helped me out, big ups!
Well, I am pretty new to HC, only been playing here a few weeks, Plvl 9 DH currently just slightly comfortable in Act 2, the Belial fight scared the crap out of me lol. I'll be farming VoA a bit for upgrades before I move into Act3. My alt I'v been leveling is a wizard... again.

The main reason I started playing HC was to play with a good friend of mine. It took him several attempts to get me convinced to play it with him as I never really liked the idea of potentially losing all my invested time at one little death. When I had my first "close call" at only level 10 or so I was hooked, the adrenaline was pumping and for once I really felt excited to be playing the game, It was an amazing feeling and that is what I enjoy the most about HC ironically.

I can't really find anything I don't enjoy about HC, of course I haven't played too much but so far I'v kind of developed the mentality that HC is just that, Hard Core. Sometime in the future I'll die to lag/dc, sometime in the future I'll die to that mean as hell act 4 key-warden because I got cocky on my level 32 wizard (R.I.P. little wizard). Eventually I'll die, no matter why, it's still a death, and we only get one of those per character so I'll just suck it up and level again. It amazes me that more people complain about dieing in SC than I'v seen here in HC so far!

Anyway, thanks to all the Vets for making HC a fun place to play! See you in game!
Hi Sham,

I know what you mean. I decided to get my first HF ring solo, so I did mp3 grinding by myself feeling a little bit under-geared. Then first time doing the Ubers, solo, not knowing how my monk would stand up, having to think of the strategy on the fly and having already invested a fair bit of time progressing my monk was one of the most thrilling solo player gaming experiences I've ever had :)

It's another rainy day in Sydney, so I will probably be 'around' more or less all day for gear-checks. Although, I haven't decided whether to spend this valuable day of summer holiday mending my hangover with the other half of my bottle of JD and some beers, or stay sober and go for a run later on. The rational thing would obviously be the former, but I am starting to feel like a little bit of a slob......
Hey Chill. Been playin HC for awhile. Just lost all enthusiasm for SC. WD 60(12) currently farming act 2 with Sham. He's right.. almost had to beg to get him over here lol. Story is pretty similar save I came because I was tired of never finding anything "good" drop for me and just burnt out on easily doing the same thing over and over.

Finally said oh well if I have to play alone, Im giving HC a try.. wanted to since day one.. read the forums some. Better economy, good, drops mean something ,good, artisans can be valuable, cool. Read about the rush also but I didnt pay much attention to it and then...

I fought the skeleton king on my WD and good lord.. first time he hit me and i dropped below half hp I knew.. no more sc for me. Been here ever sense and lovin it. AND I finally got one of my friends to join =) good all around.

Stay Safe
Hi Reaps,

Good for you man, it's definitively more fun playing with friends (disregarding my epic solo experience!).
Going to give this one more attempt (still have a mule and tab of stash full of stuff to give away).

I will also do some open runs for people on my friends list (person on my friends list mentioned that there were no public games atm) a3mp0, should be safe and fast for people that wants to join :)
Thanks again Chill for helping out the HC community!

I really appreciate the help.

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