confused about leg nat and pvp

Demon Hunter
hey everyone -

just returned to d3 after a long absence. never really dabbled in top tier pve but interested in returning due to dueling. looking to play a dh as my main pvp toon.

however, it seems as a dh you must have legacy nat to fulfill full potential? that is really sucking for those of us who didn't play a dh during the early days and do not have mountains of gold readily available. I did some research on this but didnt see any conclusive results. Some are saying you need the extra disc, while others are saying the stats are too low on leg nat.

can someone clarify the situation for me? am i doomed to fail in pvp (or least have a very uphill battle) if I can't land a leg nat?

thanks for your help.
No you are not. There's a thread where beast and revrac (both top tier dh players) explain so much better than I can about their build type. I'm trying to look for it now and when I do I'll post it here.
thanks so much - I tried to search for it but can't find it...
hello :) was wondering if anyone has update on my inquiry? tried to search again for the revrac's post but still couldn't find it. would appreciate some help!
I think those posts are about pve, but maybe I could share some of my thoughts with you

It's good to have legacy nats in dueling , but unless you could get high ehp and decent dps with it (which would be super expensive) it's pretty not worth it

Get the right gearing direction with the new legendaries (high ehp, extra discipline etc) and be careful about when to pop smoke screen than you'll be fine
thx thats very helpful. with my casual schedule it is highly unlikely ill ever get to the BIS required to up my dps and ehp to the appropriate level with leg nat.

what is the differentials in terms of # of smoke screens u can activate with and without leg nat?? r we talking about a huge difference here?
I compete just fine on the PTR server with 78 max discipline and non-legacy Natalya's set.

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