Price check godly barb belt

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Think I just hit the lotto....


base Armor 341
247 str
52 vit
63 all resis
3.00 dmg convert to life
Crit hit chance increases by 1.0%
reduced fury for weapon through by 4

only 4 on AH and the most expensive one is 888 mil with less life steal

is this worth more?

Thanks in advance!
I'm thinking it's not too great an item since there's like 10 different others on the AH with better stats than what you're showing. So, not close enough to godly. Best you can sell it for is maybe 1/4 of some of the higher ones
Did you search by str/vit/all resis/life steal? Sure there's better individual stats but not with a flawless roll. When I search by all stats im only see 4 others. They are between 300 and 888 mil and none have 3.00% life steal.

Guys on general chat last night said start at 700 mil if I wanted to sell it quickly.

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