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I was just read some old posts about statements made concerning the DRM system we have in place. Someone in blizzard said it was the best solution for the game long term. I'm really failing to see how this can be true. Is the money made by the RMAH really worth indefinitely supporting and maintaining servers that give people a crappy experience of what diablo could be?

I've had multiple issues where lag due to my internet flickering for 2 seconds or diablo servers being laggy made me rubberband half way across a map and then die in a desecrator pit which would have taken more time than the lag lasted to kill me. Playing on normal softcore this wasn't too much of an issue, but if I were on hardcore inferno that would have probably been pretty annoying. I have pretty stable internet but 60% of my connection hiccups result in me dying. That estimate is made for a sample of 3/4 times with blizzard improving their servers in the future being factored in.

Whether it's maintenance or lag, I'd always like an offline option. I've lost count of how many forum posts ask for an offline mode, but that's not the primary point of this post. I'm wondering what the real reason for this is. It's failing to stop hacking (actually making the consequences worse) and failing to stop duping (real money actually making consequences worse). And anyone familiar with mooegg knows it didn't fail the game being pirated. In fact mooegg was functionally before the game went into open beta.

My question is how can Blizzard not jump on this opportunity? It's in reasonably high demand and it would give players something to do while the servers are down. I think there should be an offline mode with a PTR style function that allowed you to copy a character from your online account into your local game. Every reason blizzard supported DRM has failed so it would make sense for them to develop an offline version since.. for anyone who really wanted it, it wouldn't be hard to obtain. I've seen more recent posts about duping. Is blizzard going to shut our servers down too?
Offline mode would open up a new avenue for hackers to hack the game. An offline mode that is not connected at all to the characters or account that you use for battle.net would be fine but using the characters you use on battle.net in an offline mode is not smart because alot of cheating/hacking can happen.
I would pay another $60 for an offline mode version of D3 that in no way can connect to the Battle.net servers.
"Requires internet connection"

Says so right on the box.

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