Rend Barb - Hit a wall - Need advice

I have a very basic Rend build. Right now it is showing my dps higher than it should. It is closer to the 105K without buffs. MP 5 is a cake walk and have held my own on MP6 without dying too much. I have also recently took part in a MP7 Uber run and did much better than I expected although it was tough for my character.

Right now my total crit chance is at 45% and my crit dam is at 449%.

I am pretty content with my defenses and if I start to lose them in some areas I would like to make up for it in others.

My gear atm seems to be just at the starting point and I was wondering if anyone could toss some pointers my way. Unfortunately I am only sitting on about 35 mill at the moment in spare gold...and finding it exceedingly difficult to gain a strong footing in this area. Item drops are useless and I tend to try my luck in the auction houses pretty often but with such a low budget I know I can only get 1 good item and then I'll be broke for a long time.

I would really appreiciate some advice and some goals to shoot for.

What gear needs replacing and what spects should I look for on certain pieces of gear?

Thank you for your time.
My guide to dps vs mp level

100k+ mp3
150k+ mp5
200k+ mp7
300k+ mp9

dps need to be unbuff to be efficient.

You clearly don't have enough dps for mp7. To boost your dps get more str and attack speed.

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