CM/WW Gear Check?

What's up guys, just trying to reach out to the forums on some advice for gearing a CM Wiz. I'm relatively new to the game (played a bit last year but only really got into it a couple of weeks ago), and have fallen prey to some exploits on the AH (apparently people found another way to exploit 0 gold bid other than setting their clocks back).

I would be interested in feedback on where the best places would be to improve my wizard gear:

Looking for suggestions on
1) potential areas where I could sell the current item and get a better upgrade for that same money by looking at different stats or legenedaries/set
2) what the next upgrade should be

I have around 20m right now from farming/AH/friends and I recently decided to go CM because I wanted to try something other than archon. The gear I have on is probably 5m total (i found the Zuni's chest as a drop).

Thanks in advance for constructive inputs.
You need more crit chance. You also need to get at least to the 2.5 APS breakpoint, preferably 2.73. It's a little tough to say how you should get these stats, because with your current budget it would mean sacrificing survivability. You do seem to have a lot of resist and armor for someone with your dps, so maybe that's not such a terrible thing.

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