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Demon Hunter
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@Dttin: yeah my hp is a tad low, but I do ok most of the time. usually only die in cases where even 60k hp wouldnt have helped :)
as for gloves..find me some with higher dps and the same allres :)

as for you, I'd definitely get gloves, and that right ring. both need more crit damage


Vitality vile ward or a attack speed lacuni are my first thoughts.

Looks like your pretty well geared, maybe upgrade that left ring to a trifecta w/ some ar

I'd upgrade your strongarm bracers to a pair with decent vit. You should also consider a Nat's ring to give you the 2pc Nats bonus.
@Sephiroth: I imagine you might be able to do better than your hellfire ring since you are already at lvl 100.
@tekkazarox: I think your best bet would be to replace the Stone of Jordan with a trifecta ring, or a Mempo with crit
@Degausser: I would probably go for a new Manticore with 2 sockets and a Dex/Vit combo:)
@Ender, probably a mempo with cc?

2 socket manticore 1250+ dps
what about me -.-
01/29/2013 08:38 PMPosted by Bruiser1
what about me -.-

what about you -.-

That Zuni boots is an interesting choice. I'm wondering if a high level Nat's boots might be a better choice because you would get +130 dex set bonus. A 250 dex Nat boot is probably competitive dps wise with Zuni but would provide much greater ehp.

All your gear is pretty impressive! I agree with all of it, however i feel like strong arm bracers would still be a better choice than your current ones, even if you lose some crit %
You have a couple of options.
Easiest is definitely a dead man's legacy. You may have to pay a little extra to get the same amount of dex as you have now but you'll definitely gain a lot of vit, which you need dearly. You could also get vit on your pants. I would recommend a andy's with a socket and %life gem which I think will give you more hp than the 84 vit on you current, and a little less %fire dmg wouldn't hurt either. And lastly if you have the money see if you can pick up a bow with more dmg or one with vit/loh/or life steal.
Good luck :).

Also, to whomever judges me, please disregard my hellfire and bracers. I only use them for farming and have alternate gear for more all res.
Honestly, I'm not certain! Your DH is fantastic. I'd try to sneak some more vit and %HP in there, as it seems a tad low to me. Getting a good Inna's belt would also be nice for the two piece bonus, although it would be hard to find one that compares with your current belt.
I'm new to DH just reach lv.60 so my advice would not be so useful
one of your ring ,I think a unity is a good choice more dex, more dmg agianst elite
DML , you can find a better one with more dex and vit ,not too much expensive
Upgrade your gem on Nat embrace


I'd start by getting another piece of Natalya's set. Probably the ring or the shoes. :)
If that's too expensive, then smaller upgrades would be belt/shoulder/amulet/gloves.
^ For whoever wants to help me pick a big upgrade :)

Beefier DML :)

Everything looks amazing, in my opinion. If I had to pick anything for an upgrade, maybe trifecta gloves? I'm not really sure, to be honest. XD
@ Nikashi

You need to replace that amulet, why are you using STR amulet bro?

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