Biggest upgrade for the DH above you

Demon Hunter
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i am wondering you are the top10 DH in US/world server. everything on your body is BiS. The most possible upgrade may be DML, try to get 10%cc+hungering arrow or trifecta gloves with AR? Both are almost impossible to get XD
Difficult time deciding between shoulders, or your nat's ring...

I think the CHEAPEST upgrade would be to get Vile Wards with Vit or % Life. Then, the next cheapest would be to upgrade your Nat's ring to a 4+CC.

Depends which you feel you need more, vitality (you're only at 43.6k HP) or more DPS.
^ Your amulet.
great set, i'm not sure what you can upgrade (besides a really good manti or a cloak with a relevant skill like impale/strafe/spiked traps)
Pretty sure I don't get to tell you to upgrade anything. 315k dps, 55% crit, 1440 vit, and almost 500 AR pretty much speaks for itself.
@ Jorhik

Biggest upgrade for you would be a tie / combo drop.

Drop your belt and pants and pick up Inna's. The 2% CC, 9% IAS, and +130 Dex bonus would be HUGE for you.

Edit: Don't critique my WF. I'm just toying around with it. I usually run a 2-socket Manti.

Might wanna get that yellow ring looked's good, you can probably find better

I would upgrade the Helm to a Mempo or the Calamity to one with a higher DPS and socket.
@jecraig I'd say your quiver, looks like you're doing full Nats, might as well go for ma stats on the DML and drop the disc.

Really hard to pick what you should upgrade, but i would say the bracers next. Low allres. Other than that your gear is top notch.

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Get a Witching Hour. Nice DH
@ jukebox

nice dh

Good if you can get mempho + cc
@ FrozenArrow

Gloves. :)
@ Skiotha, you could get either a nat's chest that's better with higher stats or a Mempo with Double Vita roll (80 vit + 12% Life)

Bracers could be upgraded for some 6% 150+dex 150+vit 60+AR

of course those are not cheap prob 500+ mill
@Gooftroop New Nat's chest with way more vit would be a nice ehp upgrade
@ slip, your hp is amazing
@ valiant617. The biggest would be a 1300+ manticore or a mempo with 6& crit. For ehp a 75+ AR or 190+ vit inna pants would be pretty big boost.
@blkdrgn: ughhh, honestly you're lookin' pretty good.

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