Biggest upgrade for the DH above you

Demon Hunter
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player c, you have a lots of option :) almost all hehe
Just getting back into the game here. Be gentle. I also only have 800k right now....
get a Dead Man's Legacy, will help you with AS & CC for relatively cheap
need some help upgrading

Honeslty know idea your gear is like perfect lol, just keep going for highest stats i guess
Eswift90, upgrade strong arms to higher sexy roll, check mine out.
Herbdoctor i would say either get more res all or armour myself i perfer Armour but it all varies

(1) More CD would help a lot.
(2) Pickup radius—just one item with it—will also make your life easier.

[To whoever reviews me: I've only got about 50M gold.]

You should drop the +disc on your DML and get one with 250dex and 200+ vit if possible. You can make up for it by getting a Nat's armor with + disc, and change out your WH for an AR inna's belt to keep all your set bonuses + the extra 130 from a 3pc Nat's. Your ammy should go first though; a high cc/cd/dex/avg dmg ammy would add tons to your dps.
@ BroJob

Probably upgrade you "hateful boon" ring. Nice...but definitely not as nice as your other pieces of gear.

@ Azreal

Gems first, then maybe a beefier amulet

Think your rings can be an easy upgrade, can get some more CC. Ditto the ammy, which I like but is also lacking CC
@ Reesh, it would probably be a 1250+ Manti or 5-6 crit mempo. Going cost a lot though.
This is where the thread ends if i do not post.

Ive already look at your gear blk.

Id say for you nothing

Wait i got something!!

A mg when patch comes out
From experimenting with crafting on the PTR, you might be able to craft an upgrade replacement for your bracers.
Beyond that, personally, I would go with Strongarms.
(but, I like being tanky)
New set a pants, probably. At the very least you could get similar ones with MF for very cheap

Inna's pants with high vit. I'm also not a fan of the Andy with 21% extra fire damage taken, despite the high AR.
a ring with cc will be good

-lacunni prowler with more dex (without vit)
-bloody footprint with more vit.

PS: please dont ask me to upgrade my gems
@ghozty Get a 2 pc nats set, chest and boots will probably be the cheapest, it will be a significant dps boost.

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