Walled in Death

Lost my highest lvled toon in HC lvl 57 WD....dang i almost made it. Now tryin out a monk in HC. If anyone gots some suggestions on how to build/play a monk while leveling in HC would be much appreciated.
Mitigation first, Boost your dmg via weapons second, then look to boost your dmg while keeping as much mitigation as you can with your gear. The last and final step is expensive and takes time. It also depends on your playstyle. Monk is very unique. You have one cc break on 20 second cooldown. Don't waste it the second you get frozen or jailed. Its an important skill to learn how to use properly. I for instance never use it :) I kid but no seriously, if you need it and its not there you die. Try to fight in open spaces as well as monk. Don't go forwards for this always go back. Search the AH before you buy your big ticket items on which resist you want to stack then commit. Good luck.
+1 to above.

I'd also say, spend a little bit of gold on the AH to get cheap upgrades every few levels or so, and also when you feel the content is giving you some challenge (you don't want a challenge =]).

And at lvl 55 or so, spend all the gold you have that you saved up (should be like 500k) for the final push to 60! A reduced level requirement, high DPS weapon is your friend.

That way you should have your first lvl 60.

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