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My profile is where I am at with a LTK build. Any idea's on where I can inprove this. It has taken me weeks to compile all this gear together for this and today I finally got the last piece. As it is right now the shield is making it so i am able to do mp ubers with my barb friend where I stun them and he beats on themI also have two 2 handed weapons that also give the 5 to LTK Any thoughts on where to progress now?..I was thinking maybe life regeneration
Can you switch to an Inna's belt and still maintain your LTK? I'm assuming you can because of all the other spirit spenders you have there. (If not, get more spirit generation until you can, and put more long-term buffs in your skill set, I'd think).

Get Inna's belt and you can switch to maintaining Sweeping Winds 100% of the time instead of using circular breathing. Enemies you're keeping stunned will be taking constant damage from that.

If you're using Sweeping Winds, now LS on your weapon becomes a real consideration.
I have the belt, but i switched it for the spirit regen The tricky part is working in sweeping wind, both sss and bells act as healers here leaving only TR and serenity as the open slots. I have tried moving TR and using SW but then its too slow I will try some more testing with your suggestions....thx
FYI, In case I wasn't clear, I was talking about Using Sweeping Winds with the Inner Storm rune instead of MoH:Circular Breathing. Still get the 3 spirit per second, but much more damage.

If movement speed is an issue, get some move speed on your boots. Then try the following subsitutions to your current build:

Sweeping Wind (Inner Storm) instead of Tempest Rush
Fleet-Footed instead of either Chant of Resonance or Exalted Soul
Inna's Belt instead of Hellcat Waistguard

You'll have more DPS from the belt, SW up nearly 100% of the time, similar spirit generation to what you have now (-.17 or +.83), and +22% Move speed normally rather +25% when paying for Tempest Rush.

Anyway, I really like having SW in any build that's not a bell-spamming type build, and I would do what I could to work that in. It adds a ton of effective DPS above what you see on your character screen.
Sorry I forgot to tell you that this build is more for PVP. Yes I agree SW is a better choice for regular play, but I have noticed that in PVP there isn't enough action to get the ability up to full tilt. When i was first starting I tried the inner storm rune and could never get it to work for me.But for uber battles it is definatly the way to go.After recient testing I have been able to out last haunt from the witch doctors with the LPSS ability using the TR and bells as healers. I even smacked around a few demon hunters as well with it. The numbers that i was seeing were about 7000+ from the bells and 1500+ from TR, with the reduction for the LTK its not very relivant for a healing point..
The one draw back is this build needs a warm-up if you are killed.

Still a work in progress.....

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