let's be friends

hey all.

started rooting around the forums a few weeks back, mostly lurking. followed some really good advice from phat's guides / a thread with texasdan... can finally carry myself through some of the higher mp levels now.

anyways, i don't have too many battlenet friends so figured i'd just reach out and say add me! ubers / questing... whatever.

i'm online during sorta strange hours for the US servers... live in the philippines now.

i live in the phillipines now too :P Makati
cool, i'm in the fort. work in makati. add me, lets uber sometime :)
im pinoy 'balut", lol... but sadly toiling my !@# off here in qatar. prolly start playing at 7pm(12am there) from sat-thursday and most hours on friday.

im gonna add you kylos and gamei since most of my farming partners are on hiatus or in america.

i currently have 5-6 machines to share if we get the chance to do some uber.

P.S : solid barbs you got there people.

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