New to DH, want advice

Demon Hunter
I'm just new to DHs and hit paragon 1 a few minutes ago; still, I feel like I'm so fragile when compared to my WD. Any advice on new gear / skils will be much appreciated.

to survive more get resist to all elements and vitality as secondaries to dex. Dex should always be first priority though. if it helps heres the build i used to solo inferno!UeT!YaYbYb.
general advice: Keeps mobs away with traps vault et cetera and whittle them down with your offensive abilities
Welcome to the DH. I felt the same way when I first started playing the DH in inferno, but the build makes an enormous difference. You need to change your passives ASAP. Sharpshooter and Steady Aim look good on paper, but in a typical elite pack fight they are nearly useless.

When built correctly, the DH can tank better than any class besides the Barb. It appears that you are not working with a budget of 100s of millions of gold. Too bad, because that always helps. The good news is that I am basically using a tanky build that I did on a budget of 50m including everything (gems, merc gear, etc.). I can do MP5 and never die, MP7 with little trouble, and MP8 if I want a challenge. With some gear and skill swaps, she can also farm lower MP very efficiently, but I find it incredibly boring so I rarely do it.

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