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Bunch of overpriced weapons, makes the game much more difficult!

Just looking at your character and how much you have played I will say that you have made some mistakes along the way. Just looking at how many elite kills you have your barbarian should be at the level of my wizard (I only play MP0 with my wizard) but I see your barbarian is only level 59 which means it can't enter Inferno difficulty which means you are not going to have a good chance of finding any decent gear as the chances that you will get good gear is small and you can't get nephalem valor which would greatly boast your magic find and gold find. That being said I feel that you should definitely have a lot more gold by now and looking at your various characters the reason why not is probably because of several factors.

1. Your repair costs are probably very expensive as your character is very poorly equipped and will be dying a lot
2. Your not making good gearing decisions and keeping the gear that would actually help you
3. Your not buying really cheap gear that could help you (it would only take 5K per piece to really help you)
... and other reasons

I had probably around 2M when I finally go to level 60 just from picking up gold on the ground. If you need some free gear I would be happy to provide you with some when you reach level 60.

PS: I hope you are not screwing with people and wasting everyone's time.
Thanks for the help...
Had no idea that level 60 would make that much difference. Have a long way to go, but I am improving slowly.
Still don't quit get it. After reaching level 60 and trying my best to acquire gold, I'm down to under 5000. Looks like this game for me anyway is just for passing the time and not for getting good at. Think I will have to find something better to do with my time I guess.
Could I get my $60 back?
sad to see barb have trouble in gearing... for me, barbarian is cheapest class to equip for low level farming.. u can grab cheap gears like @paragon said at less than 5k/piece.. stats balancing is the key for low budget gearing..

i met lot of new players, in their mind, shoulder must be Vile Ward, chest must IK.. Helm must mempo... and they totally wrong..

i have some gears.. can help u farming in Act 3 MP0/Public game... if u add me, i can donate some of it..

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