Which cold SOJ should I use?

Demon Hunter
I have two Cold SOJs and I am wondering whether resource management is better than overall damage.

5% Cold Damage
24% Bonus Damage to Elites
10 Discipline
-5 Reduction to Cluster Arrows

6% Cold Damage
29% Bonus Damage to Elites
9 Discipline
-4 Reduction to Cluster Arrows

I'm leaning towards SOJ#2 myself since -1 reduction doesn't completely break unloading my Cluster Arrows volley against enemies (monsters and players).
absolutely the highest %dmg to elites is always the best choice.
otherwise no point to an SOJ
how is no 2 not obvious?

what a dumb tread...
Sure it is fairly obvious, but I was befuddled when multiple 5% COLD SOJ with 28%+ Bonus to Elites with -5 Cluster Arrows are going for 75-150mil when I got this one for 20mil. Just trying to make sure I didn't miss something with the hatred reduction.

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