Blizzard! please fix spiderqueen!

Witch Doctor
She is soooo slow and stupid. when they fixed the rest of the spiders and their ability to track targets its been fun playing with the different runes.. except for spider queen. her attack rate is not very good. tool tip says she does around 600ish damage for however amount of time. but she doesnt seem to be able to hit stationary targets very well either.

test it out for yourselves. find a single monster cast hex to keep it in place and cast spider queen. Just watch as she walks around aimlessly

i understand spiderqueen is useful with in big mobs. but why use her if firebomb-roll them bones does more damage in a single lob than spider queen does in her lifespan. both of these attacks are primaries so it kinda makes spiders queens ability to cast and forget useless.

now imagine how useful spider queen would be in pvp with its current state...none at all. Have the devs completely forgotten about this skill because no one uses it?

i have so many ideas on how to fix her. but i whats the point if this will go unnoticed to any one working for blizzard.
Will test her out again, I remembered using her a lot with bear build before. She was ok dps.
Do share your ideas for possible fixes.

Check out some of the other skills that require attention here:
well since you asked so nicely. She has a tendency to wonder off away from targets heres some ideas that could counter that with out changing her AI.

-make her AOE bigger
-Give spiderqueen a leap attack periodically (this would happen periodically when enemies are nearby and arent in her AOE)
-have her spawn medusa spiders so she can try to catch up.

another option is actually changing her AI into a fetish psychophants or dogs or garg.
they are obviously smarter than her.

notice im not asking to buff her damage. im just asking to receive the damage im promised on the tool tip because i believe pyrogeist gives me 600 damage to a single enemy i find it hard to believe that spider queen is giving me 600 damage with in 12 sec at all.
I think she can stay slow.

Keep her stupid AI.

And still be a fun cool fire and forget aoe poison dmg spell.

Here is how I belive that can be done.

I would steal some from Firebomb Pyrogeist. It's a fire and forget single target spell that do's about 106% weapon dmg

I would have Spider Queen walking around spiting out Poison or Spiders that have an 8 yard dmg area on impact. At her current dmg level of 42% weapon dmg per second.

That's a spell I would use myself.
Spider queen works well in PVP it only needs to hit once to infect and do it's dot and unlike toad of hugeness she will stock players and can quickly be recasted.

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