prepare to die in pvp WD , alot... :(

Witch Doctor
I threw all my GG BARB gear on my WIZ for S&G; 7800 armor, 800 AR; Vince killed me like it was nothing :-) dogs>BOOM, haunt>dead
My WD in PVP Party: "Thank you, GTG"

Response: "!@#$ You"

I am loving it.
i keep swapping gear...

i bought blackthorn with my -30% or so elite damage in mind which seems to be 100% worthless.

i wanted to have a shield + -%elite + resist build which appears to be not as effective as naked + high dps lol.

in pvp looks like stack skills are the only way to go. the mid range/short range skills will never be used.

the other part that bugs me is people disappear on the screen due to the 3d collision which is like free spirit walk for non wd lol.
i could imagine hex and toad of hugeness being the strongest skills in the game. ive yet to play pvp. but i could see many people complaining about my plague bats and rain of toads combo.

cast hex and spam plague bats till it crits then rain of toads and watch the dps climb pretty and watch it tick for a bunch of damage all while they cant do much but sit there.

i can also see hex being the main reason to drain a DH discipline fairly quickly since it'd prolly be the only way to get out of hex. and when they get out cast toad of hugeness near em since they will most likely be running away from your hex.

now instead of plague bats i can see people using pile on on jinxed enemies. sounds like it'd take a huge chunk of life away.
toad of hugeness=nothing:( well at least i didnt see it swallow the person.

hex, haunt and other non-linear spells are whats being used. barbs move too fast to make anything effective.

almost all slow to warm up linear skills are useless. well they are on a whole useless today by most players (90% or more of the runes are used by 2% or less of the community).

almost everyone will have the same skills in the end that dont blow up from objects (bears), dont require a straight shot etc.

i thought most skills were useless before. they are even more so now. at least the barb and monk get love all the time.

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