Can A Blue Please Respond About The Obvious Duping???

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Cheating and the response to it is clear.

The "reason" the game was so PUSHED to be always-online DRM, was to stop this exact problem and it didn't.

^ is why it should not even exist. Ridiculous.
So we are moving past the they don't respond to assessing the reasons for why you believe it is happening?

Here what I think:

Most people playing a game are in it to have fun. If with that understanding the expectation that people don't want to invest time that is not fun should also be true. I agree! Makes complete logic to what a players wants and needs are.

Then under this same understanding a player encounters something that makes there game less fun. Now they are most likely to do one of 2 things.

Complain about the problem

I for one love the first option. Give me a good chance to complain any day. The main thing I am trying to state here is this. If your going to take the time to look into a problem and then go beyond that to complain; why not do so in a constructive way?

Use the web form. Report through e-mail. Chances are it will take about the same time. One will have a chance of productive process - the other will be locked and deleted.
Check and see if its a question posted in the "Ask the Devs" thread, if it is, hit like and let everyone know its in there.
Which jobless loser has been reporting every thread as spam?
Ok, so they see the thread and choose not to respond because you claim they are dealing with the problem and know how to handle it as we all do, so obv it would be redundant to post on here..... Then plz tell me why are these dupes still on the AH considering how long this post has been in the most active topics list.
I'd really love to see this get some answers. The duping is getting pretty bad and ruining the game economy.
I reported Highborn Sweep (amulet with 32-62 dmg, 9% IAS, 10% CC, and 81% CDMG) to Blizzard. Their reply:

Looked into this for you and this is nothing to be concerned with. :)

Thank you for bringing this to our attention but it was just a case of probability on a roll that allowed 2 of the item.

Uh huh.
Correlation does not imply causation. Sorry for over relating statements.

I was pointing out that the CM's have responded. Not directly to this thread or this precise topic. They have addressed there policy many times however.

It is my effort to attempt to refresh the points stressed by the CM's that there are tools in place to "help".

As for the redundancy; exactly correct. Its crazy at its best, but I made no claims to my legitimacy nor my mental heath.

Your proof is non-existent.
4 identical top grade Nat Rings posted at the same time with slightly different price on AH right now:
oh buys,pls shut off,the blz is busy!
idk man i think they just doing nothing right now after PTR they just keep doing the new patch stuff completely ignored current server... AH is broken, dupe item all over the place, lag spike none stop etc...

it's like every time when they are trying to focus on the new patch not to fuk it up they always forget about the current server's quality...
they are in a hurry to try to bring back players... they don't really have any idea what should they do to bring back players they kinda in a fuked up situation.

the people who already quit D3 like long time ago some of them might come back and see those new patch
the old players who is already been playing very long time. they got so disappointed to the game quality and then quit
it's like a ''vicious circle''
and blizzard still don't get it what's going on...
I dont think they are aware.

They have to work on PTR atm. That gets priority.

Another 2 months when 1.07 hits then maybe.
01/27/2013 08:18 PMPosted by vexorian
No matter what blues reply you'll be made, so why care?

To be completely honest, I don't care if Blizzard replies. It would make me mad though if they are aware of duping and allowing the auction houses to operate. Reason being is legit players are being ripped off by cheaters, and cheaters are making a killing.

Cheaters should never prosper.

edit: And based on their stance against cheaters, they should be ashamed of themselves for not warning players/disabling the auction house if duping is running rampant.
The duping Item become more and more recently
no way to stop it ?
01/27/2013 07:35 PMPosted by Mike
who cares , stop crying about dupes.

I care for one...secondly, with it being common knowledge that all drops revolve around the AH, how does it feel that you will never see one of these due to this out of hand issue? Does that sound fair to you?

Does it even bother anybody that you will probably never see any of these godly pieces due to this issue? It bothers me quite a bit considering I actually grind for my items...
Yea the fact that someone can instantly dupe an item of quality that you prolly wont see in a months worth of grinding takes the motivation out of grinding for me. The lack of anything being done even though Blizz admits they are aware of it is really just frustrating.
This is when you know it's time to quit the game. When duping runs rampant on a Blizzard game, that game is about to die.

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