Can A Blue Please Respond About The Obvious Duping???

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It's not obvious that it's duping. Could just be a glitch in what has been a very glitchy AH lately. Blue response is needed either way to let the player base know what's really going on and stop the need for these threads.
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A little data mining might be useful here.

If the records of all of the AH items sold / purchased from a given region for a given period of time were analyzed for duplicates, that information could be used to locate and then cancel newly listed items based on past duplicates.

Canceling the auction is less drastic (but also less complete) than deleting the item(s) in question. If a legitimate player bought a duped item, they would at least retain use of that item, but would be unable to sell it.

Perhaps, once identified, such items could be come designated "Account Bound."

It is not a perfect solution, but it might work to prevent some further deflation. It would constitute a Blizzard confirmation of the duping problem, and they might have to deal with some irate legitimate players, who could argue (rightly) that the counterfeit items should have never made it to the AH. I doubt many duplicators, though, would have the audacity to complain.

Such data mining might also (eventually) provide clues as to the worse duplicate-creators.

Thanks goes to Plexor for providing some useful links, ones which I will use.
Found 2 more dupes check the ah for:

Tal Rasha's Allegiance
6% to Holy Damage
268 int
113 vit
attack speed 6%
crit damage 65%
crit chance 8.5

Chantodo's Will
1177.2 dps
452-974 damage
1.65 attacks per second
279-654 fire damage
47% damage
181 int
0.25 attacks per second
9 arcane power on crit


Obvious dupes are obvious ....

I am sure if you search more high end wizard gear you will find the rest of the items they duped/rolled back accounts .
From the looks of it, there is only a few "duped" items, meaning that the method is definitely private. If it was a public method the AH would just be completely flooded. Since its private and each item has its own unique number im certain blizz will track down the source quickly. They probably tracked down the person(s) responsible already and are just trying to figured out how they are doing it so they can patch it.
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You expect discussion? lol?

There isnt much to say. Blues will not comment on dupes even though we all know its happening.
They have commented on it, but for some reason they refuse to comment in their own "official" forums.
Dupes in EU AH?

[x] check
If you don't know precisely whats going on with multiple item listings already, you have been living under a rock.

If duplicating items did not involve defrauding blizz customer service, you would see them all the time, not isolated cases. Because some of this fraud involves innocent parties (buyers of duplicated items), they do not delete duplicates after character restores.

For some people, it is only worth playing if you cheat, unfortunately.

edit: there is also an unrelated Auction House bug. Auction House is always buggy, but it gets sorted out eventually, just lags auctions.

Also, just look back through this post to see the mockery of what used to be a process of skepticism. People would believe their brother or sister was just a duplicate, sheesh.

When i try to cancel my current auction to reduce my price and relist in AH,
The old one still There! The best part, u can't buyout or bid either one of them!
Another problem is i listed another of my weapon, after 3 hours it still don't show up in AH.

Please do something is been quite awhile

It's caused by AH lag/error, this is why we're getting maintenance on the AH soon.

You'll often notice that of those re-listed duplicate items, they gradually drop in price, because people are reconsidering and re-listing at a lower price.

There are other players known for duping, but those are few and far between and only for top quality GG items, as the process is fairly time consuming, which I won't detail here for obvious reasons.

If you see a one socket Manticore, it's probably just AH lag.
good thread
01/27/2013 07:33 PMPosted by DonDadda
No they to busy deleting Poe Threads


But they're also not going to comment because any comment would be the public admission of a duping issue. I'm sure this is being examined quietly behind closed doors. Blizzard isn't going to outright admit that their online only DRM's purported purpose failed miserably. Do you really expect them to?
All though it only happened once since Diablo 3 was released (for me personally) I got 2 rare daggers from same mob (non elite) that once they been identified, where both, exactly the same!

Anyone with same experience?
I reported Highborn Sweep (amulet with 32-62 dmg, 9% IAS, 10% CC, and 81% CDMG) to Blizzard. Their reply:

Looked into this for you and this is nothing to be concerned with. :)

Thank you for bringing this to our attention but it was just a case of probability on a roll that allowed 2 of the item.

Uh huh

can you link a screenshot? I think is a joke of an answer from this company.

edit. actually, forget about the link. Im just gonna stop buying things from the action house, this is ridiculous
I really don't understand these threads...

Why does this bother people?? Diablo is a pay-to-win game. There is no accomplishment directly related to gear when you can simply whip out your credit card and be farming MP10 if you wanted to.


Some of us want to make the game better, and trolls like you are no help. Take your teenage angst somewhere else.

Typical response with no substance and just Sh*t talking? Right... I'm the troll...


Some of us want to make the game better, and trolls like you are no help. Take your teenage angst somewhere else.

Typical response with no substance and just Sh*t talking? Right... I'm the troll...

There is a difference between pay to win and dupe to win. The RMAH auction house actually helps the economy because it creates demands for the items we farm. Duping however lowers demand for farmed items because they are almost always not as good as the dupes. Also any MMO is pay to win it doesnt need a RMAH. You can purchase a top tier account in any MMO if you want skills go play Starcraft or another game that takes "skills" MMO is brainless farming with randomly feeling good when u get something nice and a fun game to paly with friends.

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