AH item for sale lost?

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Hi Blizzard,

I was selling an amulet called Highborne Urge. This afternoon, I saw that there was a bid on it for 10,500,000 and it had 28 minutes left before the end of the bidding time.

I just let it there and did other thing and now, when I go back to the AH, my amulet is gone and I don't see anything in the "completed" tab.

It's not in my inventory either.

Where's my gold?

I did notice that the AH has been kind of slow lately. I'll check tomorrow morning to see if this is solved, but just in case you have some time, could you please look into this matter?

Thanks in advance.
I had the exact same issue today with a monk fist.
There was an active bid on the item with a few hours to go and the next time I logged on it just vanished.

I wasn't able to submit a ticket for the issue either or make a complaint on the phone because it's an auction house issue.

Does anyone have any ideas?
I have a nearly identical issue. Are they planning on solving this sometime soon?
Buyers and sellers losing gold and item... WTF
Hi everyone,

I finally got my gold.

So if this is of any indication, it seems like the AH is indeed slowed down to a crawl.

I never had to wait this long to get my gold before.

I'll probably wait a bit for the AH to be normal again before selling anything else...

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