Servers are nasty (Jan 28)

Bad lag spikes - my friends saved my a$$ by grabbing health globes, then they lagged out too.

Everyone survived - but all my friends are noticing it.

Heads up!
Good lookin' out
i was on my 21 wiz just leveling him. still, woulda been a shame if i lost him hes wearing some legendaries i would rather not lose. i like to keep those lowbie things around ya know for if i need em later.

anyway, everything was fine in the pub group and we were blasting through ACT2. we got to the kulle quest. they went one side and i decided to go the other as i normally do to speed things up. 3 nice little spider elites, several skeletons and an electic guardian throwing lighting were at the entrance greet me. bravely i charged in to annihilate everything. all the sudden "FREEZE!". animations started not going off on time. i see the latency bar drop to yellow. im like "oh !@#$! not now!" my health is dropping from the spiders and everything because i cant get hits off and my timing is all out of whack. bar goes red now and i fear the worst is coming. i make a mad dash for the zone line to terminus leaving the mobs behind me. then i port out and leave game. i made it to town safely. funny thing though, it didnt actually leave the game for a while. it just hung there and then booted me.

...i think ill go back a bit later to see if its ok.
yup thanks for the heads up. i haven't played for a few days and was about to jump on, think i might wait a little longer...
Time to level alts =)
^^^ For sure!
Been doing MP5 ubers and didnt even notice, but like usual I am pretty elevated so I might have just kinda missed it.
Haven't noticed anything either my self. Most of the time its really the persons internet and not blizzards fault.
I have been playing all day getting my new DH up and running without any sign of lag. This was on two different ISPs throughout the day (one wired and one wireless).
Yeah I just did a run 30 mins ago without any problems

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