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Hi Everyone,

With the help of a lot of you, I managed to spend most of my gold to gear my monk. I need to know how I did taking in all of your recommendations and advice.

I think the weakest piece of gear are my bracers. I can use more Dex. Other than that, upgrades to the rest of the gear are at least 300-500mil, of which I don’t have.

I have some spare change left to upgrade one more piece, I'm just not sure what or how go about upgrading it.

Nice weapons man. Looks like you made some nice purchases. ^_^
Thanks...your monks looks very naked.
Check my DH. I was bored. :3
Looks good to me.
haha.. that golds burning a hole in your pocket it seems ;)

To be honest man, I think youre approaching the level at which Inna's set is holding you back. Id look for a good Tals chest if I were you. You'll lose some dex but gain some AS. Other than that, ,nothing jumps out at me.
To be honest man, I think you're approaching the level at which Inna's set is holding you back.

I have to agree with you here. If and when I do break the Inna's set, it's going to be for a Mempo and a Witching Hour. When I reach Paragon 100 with my current gear, I should be close to 183K unbuffed dps. With the Scoundrel and the extra 3% crit, I should be at 190K unbuffed dps.

I'm also not sure if I want to go after that 200K unbuffed dps mark or not. Well see. Getting 7-10K more dps at that stage is going to be very costly, I'll weight my options then and also wait to see what kind of BoA gear 1.0.7 brings us.

I think for now and for the most part, I can say I'm done!

Thanks again.

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