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i've noticed is that the AH is freaking DOG SLOW!!! and i really mean dog slow since the last maintenance.
I try to put something on the Auction and it loads forever, or when i try to bid for item it also takes forever. the onyl error msg i get is the AH is busy, funny thing is it wasnt that busy before the maintenance.


Me too. Idk what is up.

Edit: Sometimes I get a pop up that says the AH is under heavy load. lol ok
same problem and game is lag as helll

i tried play other games and no problem
only diablo gets lag WHY?? why there is no blue ever try to answer these kinda of problem???

are they all...
I used to try and search for my items after I listed them when the AH was laggy to verify that they listed. Now I can't find the items I listed, was this fixed, or are the items not posting for some reason?
They should be on the AH... but still this lag since the last maintenance is wacky at best.
the game it self is laggy but im playing from moon and that could be the problem lol.
I just had my bro check and he cant find the item either. However it is showing 1 day 10 hours left on auction. It may just take a while due to the lag. I'll check it later.
Also having this problem. GAH is slow to load up, slow transferring information between tabs (the actual transition is quick but the information is loading aka red ring of death for a while) and the personal kicker for me, every time I am outbid on an item, the GAH lags 2-3 minutes before I can rebid for an item. As auctions usually go down to the wire, it makes winning anything slightly competitive impossible.
Same problems for me.

Service status says this for tomorrow:

Auction House Maintenance - 01/31/2013
SAME- Please fix this blizzard... so annoying how much time the AH is taking
So, I bought a ring off the ah last night for 40 mil. Why does it still not give me an option to send to my stash after 20 hours? WTF BLIZZARD!?
You took my gold! I want my ring!
Oh god please fix this, using the auction house takes like 20 times longer than usual

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