Cold Set Giveaway 77K DPS - Winner Chosen!

Another donation! This set just keeps getting better and better. This time the donation comes from Kaazzeerr! Thanks to Kaazzeerr, Xaran and Jynxedmonkey! Now we are looking at a set that has 77k DPS, 38k HP, 1100 Life Regen, and 550 resists!(w/ OWE) I am going to be providing a screenshot of the new gear below.

How the giveaway started:

Joyous#1717 and I wanted to say thank you to jynxedmonkey and Druin, the happy monk. We were both recently lucky to win some gear giveaways and want to spread the good vibes back to the community!

We have pooled our gear resources and created a decent cold monk for those that are still working their way or just getting to level 60. We have a few ground rules in order for you to be considered to win the set.

1. Monk must be close to level 60 - Paragon 15 or lower.
2. Please explain why you feel you need the gear and what it is you like about playing the monk class.
3. Please consider giving back to the community; either by giving away some of this gear once you don't have a use for it, or in your own way.
4. Please provide a direct link to your monk profile for easy viewing. :)

Not by any means is this a really expensive, end-game set. But, having said that, it should be a good set for a starter monk wanting to explore the lower monster power levels. Here is the link to the set:

Please have your entries in by Groundhog Day (2/2/13) and we will pick the winner on Super Bowl Sunday (Go Niners!).

Thanks again to jynxedmonkey, Druin, and Xoran and the rest of the Monk community - it is the best.
love how u guys are payin it forward, that is awesome

perhaps if u guys bump it up on the weekend it'll get noticed more?
Very cool, my friends!!! pass it forward! let me know if you need help with anything....
Thankyou SteelPhantom and jynxedmonkey! We are excited to pay it forward! Now we just need some people to sign up. Maybe the set we made isn't desirable for some new monks, idk. We went more towards building a defensive set rather than building a pure dps set. This set boasts almost 50k health! I tried it out myself and it worked pretty well in the lower monster powers.

Sign up people! :)
Great to see you paying it forward and more love in the Monk community :) I'll try to keep this bumped if I see it fall below.
Thank you Sinafae! We appreciate all the help we can get!
Well, I just hope to hit 60 before the time limit!

We are allowing Monks that are close to level 60 enter as well (level 35 or higher). I can't seem to find your profile, can you provide a link please?
Hey, I hope way more people sign up! Millhouse9 and I really want to give to someone in the same spirit that Druin and Jynxedmonkey gave to us. If any higher level monks are feeling generous and want to donate some gear to get involved with this, that would be great, too! It doesn't just have to be just Millhouse9 and myself!

Keep making the monk community the best one!


Good news! Xoran has generously donated some more gear to make this giveaway even better! Thanks for the act of kindness Xoran!
bump for update :). Jynxedmonkey donated as well! :) Good vibes coming from the monk community.
always glad to help the monks..... I have other 60 characters, I dont like them nearly as much. (WD is second).... the communities are not as helpful.
bump..... really? I cant beleive no one is signing up....
It is hard to believe no one is signing up, especially after all of the donations to make the set so much better. Seriously, free gear people!
Less people are wanting free stuff and I don't know why. Even in game people aren't taking up offers of free gear that is better than what they have. It is very strange O_o Unless the entire community is going self-found...

ETA: Look at Silver32's recent giveaways, not many signing up. Maybe everyone has been outfitted who comes to the forums? I dunno. ¯\(°_o)/¯
I would Accept the set if noone else signs up. My monk is 60 and paragon 5 and most of what I'm wearing is found aside from shenlong fists and a ring but even though I felt like I found some pretty good items my dps is still really low (~50k) I don't really understand it.

I'm pretty sure I'm lacking in crit dmg+ from looking at other peoples builds, but alot of the stuff I see ppl wearing is also 50mil-250mil on AH which is way outta my price range lol..

Anyway tbh I just started playing again since most of the update because a buddy got the game and I do ok at MP2 but thats about my limit, it's very possible some of the mechanics changed and I just dont know.
What is the stat of on the conquest sword, I have something to donate
Just started playing D3 again this previous week because my brothers talked me into it lol.
My class preference from D2 was the paladin and the monk was the closest available so it had the highest appeal to me. I would appreciate any hand outs to get me started again. Thanks.
Hi, I'd definitely like to enter myself for this set of gear.

I've been following a lot of the monk community forums for a while trying to figure out how to gear my monk. I hit 60 a week ago and the only reason I've been able to get as far as I have is because a friend has lent me a lot of gear. I've been following gearing guides such as those by Nameless, Piffle, and Morionic and they've helped out a lot (Thanks guys, they're great!). I now use my almost entirely my own gear (except for my weapon, which I will have to give back to my friend soon), which I'm quite excited about, because I can actually handle soloing MP2 and even be useful in MP5.

What I enjoy about the monk class is the fighting style. As a martial artist myself, I really enjoy being able to jump into fights, kick some !@#, and walk away with a little dirt on my shoulder. I'm also really hoping Blizzard overhauls the monk's skills so it's not so cookie cutter. I originally was running a whole different skill set until I read in the forums that in Inferno, it's really only useful to run FoT:TC and all the other cookie cutter skills. I'm excited to see if we really do get an overhaul in the next patch and hop to try out new skill combinations and truly make my own monk skill set.

If I get this set, I'd be happy to give away my current set of gear (minus "my" Inna's Reach, as I would need to return that to my friend). To be honest, tho, it's not the greatest set of gear, I've only spent just shy of 1M on AH for all this (credit and thanks to Silver and all his forum posts on how to be effective at using AH). Also, when I upgrade to new gear I will hold another giveaway for all this gear and help yet another new monk enter the world of Inferno.

Thanks for reading all this, here's a link to my profile:

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