SC, HC, + FC: want 1 more mode

Just think it is interesting to have a mode which has no AH at all, and can't trade between players. But still like HC, 1 life only. Then the pvp will be very interesting! Any ideas?
Only way this is going to work is if it's solo mode and characters can't share stash.
You're always going to find traders if there's social interaction between players.
You might as well play D1/2.

The auction house is convenient and takes out the hassle of spamming trade threads.
It works quite well for me as I don't have the patience to deal with others.
FC = free AH mode :)
Yes, Sherwin, you are right. So, what i mean is you can't even drop gears for your teammate.
basically all items and gold are account bound.

would be pretty interesting if they have that kinda mode.

It would definitely take a longer time to progress due to limited gears but pvp would be fun since out of 100, maybe a handful of players have BiS items for every slot in his/her character.
Yes, CrankyMonky, Really hope blizzard can make such mode! Since there are duplicated items thing in AH, so that mode can eliminate whoever think the duplicated items are annoying. Who find it is annoyed? I do. :-)
I would love that but then again, since its basically a self-found hc what you're talking about is...

diablo player base = 100% (basically all diablo players)
diablo hc player base = 3% (only hc)
diablo 3 hc self found player base = 0.1%

To make an entire new mode for 0.1% of the player base.... Get real son !!!
Oh, you can't say that, Smithey77. The feature of the new mode is self-farm. Even you play pvp, you will only duel with players in that mode. That will attract other players to join the game. So, basically you cannot do the math in this way. Basically FC is not the subset of HC space.
Alpha, you have said it will be one life only per char hence its Hardcore, which means all the sc babies who rely on RMAH and who cant handle hc with AH and with money exchanges are out of this equation, so you already have only 3% of the playerbase to which its a relevant mode (only HC players) now even if all hc players were interested in a self-found mode its still only 3% of the player base hence not worthy (from blizzard's pov), but not even all Hc's want this hence while I think the idea is a nice one it makes no logical sense... furthermore I give you this

See, I already had the same idea a few months ago, the problem is less than 1% of the people would be interested
ic, haha, i remember i read your post before.

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