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Been at a standstill lately, I just got back into the game and i'm not really sure on the upgrades I should make next. I heard dual wielding is the way to go now but I don't wanna dump millions of gold into something I think is an upgrade but really isn't. Any help on upgrading here?
Link to profile would help.
Just updated my gems, not sure how accurate these are.
Well good news is that you have TONS of room for improvement.

Biggest issue I see is that you are basically a glass cannon. You have relatively no EHP so getting out of lower MPs is out of the question for you.

Primary EHP gains come from Shoulders, Chest and a combination of Boots/Pants/Belt. You have almost have no vit stacked on gear outside of gems which is really hurting you.

Stat prioritzation in most cases is CC > CD > IAS + STR/VIT/AR wherever you can get it. In your case I would get new shoulders with Vit and %life if you can as well as new pants with vit. BiS for barbs is inna's but your EHP is too low to consider end game builds.

You are way to focused on damage in this build.

I would start with reading these forums posts to understand your build a little better:

Read PhatPhoEater's guide:

Read UberJager's Guide:

glhf. :D
Good lord. You have 3 pieces with vitality. You should be aiming for about double the HP you currently have.

You basically need to replace your chest and legs. Some people can swing a low VIT IK chest because they have enough VIT in other slots. You don't. You even have some life% but it is doing basically nothing for you since you have such low VIT. I'd recommend getting a blackthorne's chest and legs. The set bonus will give you some much needed VIT. Get rid of your Vile Ward, there's no point in spending on Vile Wards at your gear level, just get some nice rare shoulders. I'd say aim for 150 str, 100+ vitality (more if you can get it), some life% and 70 AR.

Your jewelry is pretty much all bad. If you don't have a large budget then don't try to get a lot of stats on jewelry, just stick with getting good rolls on a few stats. For example, on rings just go for 5+ CC, 30+ CD, and some str or average damage. You might consider replacing your helm with a mempo for more AR, or just buy a nicer IK helm.

Really, don't worry about dps for now and just get more HP.
I would say just with a quick glance you could upgrade rings pretty cheap and upgrade DPS and possible HP. Look for duel freitca like ias and cc along with avg damage then whatever else you might need but those 3 should help out some.
Alright so basically im looking to up my Vit and EHP through some res? What kind of dps should i look to maintain while toning it down in exchange for more survivability?
always build survivability first and then go for some dps detail like attack speed, crit dmg, crit chance, main hand weapon dps etc

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