Wanting to better my Demon Hunter

Demon Hunter
Currently I just bought pretty much this whole set for 10m. I don't have that much at all left, 2.5m.
Currently trying to figure out what to upgrade. I got 40cc and I think 350% cd. Maybe more all res since that flows around 200-250.
So..any suggestions guys?
Thanks in advance.
Farm more.... long way more to go... up grade your gems??
I know I'd get my dps higher if I upgraded my gems, but is my hp enough? I feel like 32k with perfectionist is rather low.
Any suggestions on abilities I should use? I've been using these since prob 3rd/4th day after release. Well..was nether tentacles until they nerfed it :[
Right ring and belt are easiest upgrades. Beyond that helm, amulet and shoulders shouldn't be to pricey either. And yes you need a lot more vitality, at least like 700+.

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