Chain of Torment

Demon Hunter
When i use my CM WW Wiz on ubers, I will usually teleport wormhole straight between the two bosses and just nova and start up the routine. They're close enough that they can gain all AOE effects from most skills. Traps, HOTA, Clusters, etc. Perhaps a friendly suggestion for your wiz? :-) The problem with Rakanoth, of course, is that he does have a teleport, which can really put the kaibash on this strat. Same with ZK and SK. Just have confidence in your CM Wiz I guess, right?
That is certainly a good idea in theory but then the party will lose Slow Time. Using teleport has always made CM/WW Wizards life easier when positioning themselves to wind up, but the cost is you lose the optional slot for damage. Since everyone benefits from Slow Time, it is almost as big a damage loss as HOTA not hitting two targets simultaneously.

I regularly play with these guys so they are not exactly push-overs:


I would certainly be interested in seeing your CM/WW in action, Oscar. :)
Lovely thread.
I just read through your discussions, and tried it. I agree with Veritech in that it's a lot more work to manage the location of the Marked for Death as well as the chain orientation.
In that regard, I think Bat is more versatile and reliable source of hatred.
Basically, this thread inspired me to switch my free slot to Chain of Torment.
I used to use Caltrops Jagged Spikes as my discipline dump/supplemental dps because the caltrops synergy quite well with echoing blast.
But, the chains work as well.

On a side-note, legacy nats + nightstalker + cinder arrow (2.21 aps) = need a discipline dump.
Caltrops seem to be the best option here. But, with this thread, I switched Tumble to Trail of Cinders, and Caltrops to Chain of Torment. Awesome dps boost.
Thanks guys.
chain of torments x3 = win
wtf was i doing with any other ability...
Glad you like it Castablanca! :)

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