Help with weapons

Right now, I use a dagger in the main hand and Echoing Fury in the off hand.

My crit chance is %51 and attack speed is 2.59

Would the extra %10 crit chance from getting a mace be that much more helpful by losing some of the attack speed? I'm not sure which would be more helpful.

Thanks for any advice!
You should be running your highest weapon damage weapon in your MH since the nado's damage comes from your MH weapon. The extra 10% cc is always nice to have to keep up wrath as well as dish out more dmg. You are swinging with 3.0276 / 2.5056 on your hands buffed which hits the breakpoints.

The issue you might face with switching your weapons around is that your MH WW and nado's will proc fear from you Echoing Fury which has a fairly high (16.1%) fear chance. You might get annoyed at all the monsters getting feared. This is why you see cold SoJ ring's that work well with WW builds... it slows their running away down so you aren't having to chase them down all the time.

Can you explain how you would be
01/29/2013 07:35 AMPosted by DrGilman
losing some of the attack speed?

by just switching weapons?
Actually you are in a spot where you can switch the dagger out completely.

With the .24 APS EF, and the 8/8/9/9 split on attack speed you can get a significant dps bump by ditching the dagger and going with a mace with big average damage range. You will see a considerable jump in your dps.

I would work on your EHP a little bit as your next step. Getting big jumps in dps are useless if you don't build the health to sustain that power.

"With great power...comes great responsibility."

LMAO...i don't know...just felt like using that line somewhere today. :D

Edit: ofgortens: He would lose the attack speed gained from the Weapons Master passive. Lucky for him...he really doesn't even need it. :D

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