200M...Upgrade gear or grind out PL on MP1?

Demon Hunter
I just got back from a break and jumped right in a couple days ago. I bought a budget WForce (7m) because it was a substantial upgrade over my old weapon. I'm sitting on 200m and don't know where to go from here.

At ~112k unbuffed dps, I'm farming MP1 (Alkazier method A3) reasonably well.

At this point, should I grind out 100PL and then focus on on upgrades so I can move into higher MP levels or break down and buy a decent 2OS Manti, focus on my gear, move up into higher MP levels, and let the Paragon levels add up as I farm for gear?

Thanks for any help!
At 112k and the right build you should be able to farm higher MP levels (up to 4) without much hassle anyway.
Farming for paragon levels is still most efficient at mp0. I think you should spend the gold to gear well enough to grind mp0 at 75m exp/hr, which will make hitting P100 so much faster and easier. If you havent already checked out TianZi's strafe guide, definitely check that out.
Regardless of where you plan to farm, you should upgrade your Manticore and your rare ring. You can do very well for a total of 50m, but you'll have to decide what is right for you. Your life is very low for higher MP levels though. You are going to want to double it for MP5+.

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