Marquise ruby and emerald effect

Currently running experiments on barb weapons with marquise ruby. These are results from my set of gears with attack speed varying from 2.58-2.13, there are small increases in dps but probably due to my slow attack speed:
also, i would like to see if the increase in strength helps increase dps with a marquis ruby, i currently have no more radiant ruby gems, if anyone of you lends me three radiant ruby gems on ptr it would be nice. I also have the marquise emerald design but lack one radiant emerald, it would be nice if some one gives on to me on ptr, i would pay for it on ptr lol.

If anyone would like me to run similar things, just leave a post or add me in game Zero#1661.
Now that the ah on ptr is up i am able to complete tests on my barb.
Inital dps: 286947.06dps
maquise ruby main hand: 289924.34dps
maquise emerald main hand:290848.94dps
marquise emerald main hand, marquise ruby offhand hand: 297249.09dps(best)
marquise ruby both hands: 281975.44dps
marquise ruby main hand, marquise ruby off hand: 294487.12dps (second best)
marquise emerald both hands: 294750.75
From further experiments, I bought a inna's termperance and a talrasha's relentless pursuit to gain 18% attack speed
please visit this post before taking results into consideration, just came across it. Sorry to disappoint everyone.

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