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I see the term a lot, but what do people mean by "Black Dmg"? I seem to see this term used and I think its in relation to the EF hammer. Is there a preferred ideal weapon set up when not using CK?

see this article

Pretty Nice Zuni set, I approve! 9/10
Nice gloves and rare ring! 7/10
Gotta love your hps, I am speed running MP0 so don't need hps right now. 8/10
02/05/2013 07:38 AMPosted by Dutchy
Gotta love your hps, I am speed running MP0 so don't need hps right now. 8/10

decent speed-run build. 7/10?

probably could find a better belt. also i assume you're speed running for paragon's, but you could prob do with some added magic find, just for the fun of it. maybe a sunkeeper could help you out there.

Good well rounded WD. 8/10. Lots of improvement room.

PS. This is my WD MP9-10 Uber build. It has low DPS, but goal is sustainability and buff the others in the group with slam and slowdown skinny with jinx.

@ Mapasu:

Nicely put together, well-rounded gear set up. The only suggestions I would make is to try to get a Vile Ward with double Int and double Vit (a high enough roll will go above the 6% Life) rolls, or alternatively, get a Str roll instead of Dex. In addition, try to get an Avg Damage or Armor roll on your Zuni Pox. Plenty of Life and All Resist, but if you could squeeze some more armor in there somewhere, it wouldn't hurt, nor would topping off the CC on your Helm, Rings, Mojo, and Bracers. Good luck, as I know how expensive that gets!

Build wise, I would think that you have trouble maintaining Zombie Bears for extended periods of time, so I would look to add some Mana stats to your Mojo and Weapon, in addition to working in a Mana Regen passive or two, and/or possibly squeezing in CS+WidowMakers.
@ Sunjata i like it 9/10 very balanced WD
Ochi. I gotta say man I think you sacrifice too much for a high paper DPS number. Your EHP is low and you have 0 life sustainment outside your vile wards life per second, you are using a primary attack to fit your mana budget when bears and a lower paper DPS would yield much higher true DPS. Still an impressive DPS can compensate for alot of issues...

Very impressive DPS but not well balanced IMO. 7.5/10
got 2 gear sets. other has l/s and built for bears, this ( Paper dps set) Clears runs x2 the speed of bears for me
Ok cool I take back my assesment.

But if you are into clearing runs fast, is that for item farming or exp? If item farming maybe a bit of magic find, if for exp maybe a helfire ring?
@ Blackjack

Sweet build and nice balance. I like to see a lot of dps without the overwhelming use of Attack Speed. Maybe you would be better served with a slightly lower dps main hand weapon with life steal instead of LoH? Seems like with your dps you could really benefit from it.

I could use some upgrade advice to help with higher MP's. I'm great until 7 and I can crawl through 8, but I would prefer to be able to dominate 8. Everyone just tells me to get MS Lacuni's, but that's not really my goal. What should I change to add 30k or more DPS, without adding attack speed?

Same boat here but I struggle a lil bit in mp9 looking to upgrade a lil dps but not lose any ehp
@ Blackjack

We seem to be running a similar style. Would love to get my dps up as high as yours, seems im lacking a tad crit. Really like your stun/freeze items too. How often are you seeing those work with the build? I had been really considering getting a WH with the freeze, didnt think about the stun on gloves (and both of those items i'd like to improve on mine)

Very nice set up though. How high a MP are you running? so far MP6 is pretty easy for me without too much slow down.

Great spec and gear. Any upgrade for you is going to cost 35m+
You like the double pets?
@ dark

Decent gear, and your upgrades will be expensive as well. not sure if thats your farming build but with RoT/AC u should throw in some freeze/stun/blind to take advantage of the proc chance.

For my spec this is what i use for uber boss
I pretty much got all of the gear I wanted except for pants so I was wondering how can I improve gear, build, and stat wise.

I would really like to see my dps get to at least 150.

You definitely need a better pants with more Int and Vit. A Lacuni with CC would help a lot too. TofD is good for low MP farming but a Serpent would generally do a better work for you on higher mp.
@ Eric

Very nicely done, and if I'm not mistaken, I think your Knife and Zuni Vision is just a touch better than mine : ). I feel the easiest piece for you to upgrade is your Vile Wards. The high Intel will be hard to top, but I feel like you could get a piece with more EHP if you dropped the physical resist and snagged double Vit or Life %. You are getting very close to being capped out on MF/GF with your paragon levels, so you might also look into dropping the GF on your Zuni Trail and picking up Armor, double Vit, or RA. The Depth Diggers will be hard to replace even after you cap your Fs, but perhaps keep an eye out for a deal on some rares with armor, though it will be very hard to upgrade the stats on your Diggers. Good luck, and I know how few and far between upgrades can get at our gear level.

What Monster Power do you typically farm at? Do you find GI and GF retain their usefulness even at higher MPs?
Really like your stun/freeze items too. How often are you seeing those work with the build? I

They work quite well. I can typically freeze/stun white mobs indefinetly and blue elites about 70-80% of the time.

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