is a skorn without lifesteal worth anything

I found one with 490 str and 170 vit, but having a hard time selling it... maybe my price is too high but hard to tell since not many with this much str.

I don't really play barb - is lifesteal a mandatory? I get lifesteal def helps but would anyone buy a skorn without it?
no its not mandatory, what is the damage of the weapon and the CD?
1321 dps, 490 str, 166 vit, 176% CD
How much are you asking for it?
i got the one i have equipped for 15 million. Skorn's with life steal are ALOT more expensive. My life steal one in my stash cost me 100 million which was actually a good deal for what i got.

you are probably just overcharging. what are you asking?
was asking 200 mil and was told in trading forum that i'm crazy b/c there's no lifesteal

after seeing that lowered it to 100mil minimum bid / 150 mil buyout... but don't want to undersell either. do barbs but a lot of weight on the str/vit/cd on the skorn?
Guys I got a drop with 5.9%lifesteal anyone wanna buy it?
you won't get near that much, but it doesn't hurt to try. there are always plenty of morons roaming the AH. The vitality on it is a nice bonus, but the other stats aren't mindblowing.

I wouldn't pay more than 50 million to be honest
01/29/2013 07:01 AMPosted by Thunder
1321 dps, 490 str, 166 vit, 176% CD

01/29/2013 09:54 AMPosted by Zubenelakrab
1321 dps, 490 str, 166 vit, 176% CD


this is probably a more realistic figure. i would honestly post it at 50 million then go down 10 million every couple of days. I certainly wouldn't go below 20 million
I had a Int 1 similar to yours but 1400 dps and less Vit. I sold it for 50 mil. I cant see you getting any more then this but probably less to be honest.
ok. a bit disappointing, but thanks for honest input
i paid 21mil for mine - it has higher CD and more dmg, but less str/vit
thanks for all your guys help. sold for 50 mil (i got 42.5 mil after tax). not as much as I initially was hoping but still this will pay for some nice upgrades.

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