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I was wondering if there was someone who'd be interested in trading weapons on PTR to playtest. I'm looking to try a high-end (400m+) calamity to compare to my 450m manticore. I tried cheaper calamities but it's not a fair comparaison because I've only tested 25m ones.

add-me in game if you're willing to do this, thanks!

I'm looking for a calamity to play test as well. So I'd like to borrow a 400ish mill Calamity if someone can transfer an extra character over.

Or maybe I can borrow whatever Veritech gets after hes done using it, lol.
I haven't installed PTR yet, but once I do, i could lend you guys my bow.
I can help them... i have a calamity with 13XX dps and sox... I have a character in PTR...
Veri, i'll convince you find me on PTR or Live today. Oscar#1292. and if that doesn't convince you, how about all the times I've rezzed your !@#$ in ubers? ;-)
01/29/2013 07:44 AMPosted by Oscar
Veri, i'll convince you find me on PTR or Live today. Oscar#1292. and if that doesn't convince you, how about all the times I've rezzed your !@#$ in ubers? ;-)

lol the dying is because I suck, not because of my gear ;)

I'll be on later this afternoon, will buzz you.

@senta: will add you also, thanks
@tianzi: if I get the bow before you I'll pass it to you when I'm done

thanks guys
I just msg'd you in game, but you're afk. Also, did you make a Marquise yet?
no marquise, no plans and the ah doesnt work for me atm :(

yeah I'm at work now, and left the game on at home. will talk to you later

I'm willing to help out as well if someone wants to borrow mine in PTR. I'd like it back though .... hahahahahhahaha

mine isn't a 1300 one.. but 1174 with OS with my gear setup a marquis should give me ~39k dps increase on that bow. 2.77 APS is what I'm running with amulet/rings all having avg damage on them. dunno how it would affect y'alls builds but willing to give it to someone to try out.

I'm on PTR now ... BubbaGump#1297
u can have mine... i installed PTR with hopes to play, but haven't bothered... was going to uninstall tnght for disk space.

FYI 1240 damage, 75% crit damage, open socket, 47% MFD
I actually threw her mine and then copied my character over again.
thanks for all the offers. I played around with oscar's...
and bought one on the ah, 400m for 1295 dps, soc, but only 66% cd.
did keys/ubers all evening with it, and even though I'm losing 40k dps, it was quite fun. survivability goes up a ton.

enjoying it so far.

I tried speed farming and it just doesnt work for me :( would have to work on builds maybe. but the fast shooting and low dmg per shot slows down my runs alot. So I'll have to keep my manticore for now..

Veritech .... my first calamity ... I lost 65k DPS. But was killing a lot faster as you will see just tanking. I've more than made up that dps over time and upgraded my calamity twice since then. The more you use it .. the better it gets :)

Grats on your purchase.. you will not be disappointed. :)
If your planning on using the calamity any time would have to ditch the legacy nats and upgrade to the new nats, and boost your EHP a lot, 27.3 is crazy as a calamity user. Build and play style will have to change. Slap on night stalker and you will have all the discipline you will ever need.

I use my legacy nats for farming, but for key farming and ubers I have a new nats set (with higher EHP), I agree it's a totally different play style with the calamity. alot easier in a sense, just have to gloom and keep your finger on the trigger :)

What if I only have like a 30m budget? I heard manti is more bang for your buck? It seems like any calamity I pick up is a huge DPS loss.
[Quote]And with good HP (40-50K+ min.) Resist Element (600+ and above) some armor (4K+/-)[/quote]

Uhhh yeah. Those are some good resists. You'll appreciate any bow.

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