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Considering how expensive high tier gems are to create let alone being lucky enough to find the plans. Do you think it would be a good idea to allow even the highest gems to drop of monsters? At whatever low rate you want, (maybe same chance as legendarys?) just as long as they're there to find it would be awesome.

Everyone knows we need more interest in farming/drops/loot and this would just add that extra taste to the feast of farming.

When anything higher than a Star Gem drops (Whatever the drop rate is), it makes the same ping as a Legendary dropping just maybe with a different colour. Say a white light shooting up instead of a brown/orange one?

Giving us another epic feeling thing to find on occasions. :D

What do you think?
Also for potions, really? They thought 12,500 would be the top potion?

All the way from level one you have always had access to a potion that would almost fill if not fill your HP. How bout making a potion 40K or at least 30K so it's worth blowing that cooldown.
I like the idea of higher gems droping since they are so expensive to create or buy, I always wonder whats the reasoning behind this

i support your idea 100%
That's my whole idea.

The drop rate can be as low as a legendary and being the case, should beam a light from the drop the same as a legendary being the rarity it is. :D

As long as it is possible to find them the loot search would improve greatly. Because right now crafting gems just costs waaaay too much that only the all-day gamers can craft them. :(
well alot of you guys complain about both botters and the AH, and i hear ya, i feel ya. but just think how much the gems you smash can make. so if botters started picking them up you could kiss that source of revenue goodbye too. and when they make gem farming/smashing botters we're all doomed, DOOOOOOOMED. ;)

You think it's a good way to make money by crafting high tier gems and selling them?

Them picking them up would be fine to drive down the ridic prices of gems because everyone else would be able to farm for them giving more encouragement and goal to the farm and not have to buy them (unless they couldn't wait like alot of people).
Or even Legendary Gems. 2-3 unique gems that serve their own function.
Hell yea.

Nice ideas for NEW gems too. That's great.

Buffing the smallest thing of interest that's in the game already is a good start. :D
d2 had a forge quest in act 4 where chances of high lvl rune and high lvl gems could drop, remember vex or um....they dropped there not always but did occosinally. The problem with high teir gems dropping you still need the plans to upgrade, most people would end up buying them, cause you cannot upgrade without a higher lvl plan, with that said, how many gem plans have you found personally, ive found 2 since this game wasx released, so even if they did drop, you would have to spend or friends that could would do all the upgrading.
Yeah i would like high lvl gems to drop, but the drop rate would probablly be just like the plans, very few and inbetween, so then what, your right back from square one, buying the plans off gah or rmah, and that is what drives the prices up so high and so fast.
The potions before release went up to like 40k life. But then it was scaled back to like 12,500. Just another area of the game they got wrong IMO. I agree there should be a 30k level.

Likely this is just another adder they are planning to release into an expansion to have something to offer to people.
Agreed about the potion thing, I've made a post with that in it before. 12.5K is just too low. Did they think (or not think) that people would only have like 25K life or something? Hmmmm

As for rufusjwb, the whole idea would be that they are as rare as that to make it (finally SOMEthing) actually exciting to find them. Hence the Legendary status and white light ping. (the idea I love of more cool things to find)
Better gems?

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