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Demon Hunter
Most of my gear, I bought on the GAH. Only about 3 of my pieces were actually found. I always try to find he best deals, most of my gear averaging around 100K-500K gold, which is really good considering that some of my gear is pretty decent. The most I ever spend was on my quiver at around 1.5 mill.

Today I was browsing the AH for a Manticore, and I managed to find the one I have equipped in my profile.... it's buyout was only 100k!!! I know it is not the greatest thing that ever happened to 2 handed xbows, but I was really happy at the increase in DPS it gave me for only 100k, I was really surprised that was all it was up for.

Do you guys care how much gold your gear is? Do you look for those perfect stats to maximize what you are going for, or do you not mind going a little light on a stat or two to max out one area and still get a pretty cheep piece of gear? It's amazing how cheap you can find some stuff for if you wait a couple of days, keep checking, and see what there is out there that is about to expire, those are some of the cheapest deals around.

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