Rate my monk build please!

Hey guys! I have been playing Diablo 3 since October of 2012. I am posting here because I would like to get opinions and any advice or additions/changes that should be made to the current build and items that I am using for my monk. My monk is currently Level 60 and Paragon Level 5. The items and skills that I use are meant for my monk to be a tanky dps kind. I am going to post my skills and items and explain my reasoning for choosing what I have, so here we go! I really appreciate you guys taking a look at this.

Link to my skills:



Crippling Wave w.Mangle:
I use this because first off, it lowers the move speed and attack speed of enemies hit by it and also it's 3rd hit hits everything around me, which gives good coverage when I have monsters all around me. Mangle also gives nice weapon damage. This is my main damaging skill.

Serenity w/Ascension:
I'm pretty sure other people that play monks are a fan of Ascension. This is primarily used for me to get some good hits in if I am getting too overwhelmed as well as get away if I need to. It helps me regen life since I use LoH so I usually pop it when I'm low and try to heal up or run away if I have to.

Sweeping Wind w/Cyclone:
This skill, like Crippling Wave, helps me damage enemies around me and cyclone helps me deal more damage when I crit and get the lightning tornados. Overall, I have it for that extra damage.

Breath of Heaven w/Blazing Wrath:
This is used a a quick heal but also used a lot for the nice 45 second attack buff that it gives me. Since it's on a relatively low cooldown of 15 seconds, I can keep the attack buff on during fights and also heal when I need to. It also heals my allies, which helps because sometimes I play w/friends that deal lots of damage, but can't tank as well as I do.

Blinding Flash w/Faith in the Light:
I use this to help me get some extra hits in and recover some life with my LoH and also for the sweet 3 second attack buff. I try to use this in combination w/Breath of Heaven, which usually ends up giving me 30 seconds of at least 40k extra DPS, which is pretty nice.

Mantra of Healing w/Time of Need:
This is used mainly to buff up my resistances. Before I use to run the evasion mantra with the armor bonus, but I recently changed it to this because, after some item switches, my resistances fell so I use this in order to keep them up. The 3 second shield it gives on activation is pretty nice and the Life p/second is also helpful after I finish taking out mobs.

[Passive] Combination Strike:
This is pretty self explanatory. It gives a nice 8% damage buff to spirit generators, and since crippling wave is my main source of damage, it helps me hit harder.

[Passive] Seize the Initiative:
Also self explanatory, 50% of dex becomes armor. Helps me tank better-not much else to it.

[Passive] One with Everything:
If I must I'll say it again, self explanatory. Makes all my resist the value of the highest one. Great for tanking and to help me survive longer in battle.



Helm: Inna's Radiance [Set]
Base 764 armor, 157 dex, 49 vit, 40 poison resist, +383 armor, Crit Chance + 4%
Gems: 1: 14% life

Chest: Inna's Vast Expanse [Set]
Base 430 Armor, 146 dex, 61 vit, 41 cold resist, 10% life, 6% reduced melee damage
Gems: 3: +43 vitality

Belt: Dread Havoc [Rare]
Base 488 armor, 161 str, 70 dex, 68 vit, 80 All Res, +228 armor, ignores durability loss

Pants: Hearth Boon [Rare]
Base 643 armor, 78 dex, 164 vit, 60 fire res, 19 all res, +223 armor
Gems: 2: +34 vit

Feet: Distance Salvation [Rare]
Base 298 armor, 235 dex, 65 vit, 50 arcane resist, 80 all res

Shoulder: Vile Ward [Legendary]
Base 613 armor, 184 dex, 74 intelligence, 27 lightning res, 71 all res, +257 armor, regen 337 life per second

Amulet: Renown Sin [Rare]
11-21 damage, 37 fire res, 53 all res, 59% crit damage, 8.5% crit chance

Gloves: Claw Glamour [Rare]
Base 466 armor, 50 physical res, 80 all res, +176 armor, 10% crit chance

Bracers: Strongarm Bracers [Legendary]
Base 436 armor, 228 dex, 31 intelligence, 8% life, +221 armor, 4.5% crit chance, 2.1% chance to knockback on hit

Ring #1: Union Zeal [Rare]
34 min damage, 93 dex, 6% attack speed, +332 life after each kill, 3% crit chance
Gems: 1: +34 dex

Ring #2: Distant Signet [Rare]
21-48 damage, 144 dex, 64 vit, 70 all res
Gems: 1: +34 dex

Weapon #1: Shenlong's Fist of Legend [Set]
783.7 dps, 1.4 atks p/second
164-447 Lightning Damage, +47% damage, 180 dex, 589 LoH, 94% crit hit damage, gain 30.4 life per spirit spent

Weapon #2: Shenlong's Relentless Assault [Set]
881.5 dps, 1.54 atks p/second
197-453 Lightning Damage, +43% damage, 183 dex, 10% attack speed, 706 LoH, 64 % crit hit damage


Helm and Chest: +130 Dex

Weapon 1 and Weapon 2: +130 dex, 0.33 spirit p/second, chance to hurl a ball of pure energy when attacking



Strength: 233
Dexterity: 2296
Intelligence: 177
Vitality: 734
Armor: 5519
Damage: 53556.64 (unbuffed, 80503.23 w/blinding flash buff, 61590.13 w/breath of heaven buff, 92578.72 buffed with both)

Crit Chance: 37%
Crit Hit Damage: 267%

Dodge Chance: 43%
Damage Reduction: 64.78%
Melee Damage Reduction: 6%

Resists (all the same b/c of one w/everything): 568 (unbuffed, 681 buffed w/mantra)

Life per second: 647
Life per kill: 332
Life per hit: 1295

Max Spirit: 150
Spirit Regen: 0.33 (I usually recover most of it w/Crippling Wave)


For this build, I try to focus on giving damage as well as being able to take most of it. I usually don't have too big a problem surviving unless I get jumped on by 2 mobs at a time. I'm usually able to do damage, stall a bit with blinding flash or serenity to get back some life and do some more damage.

Overall, the gear was quite costly, I think I spent more or less 10 million gold on it, give or take 2 million, but I felt it was worth it.

I greatly appreciate you guys reading this far. I hope that you guys are able to understand my reasoning behind some of the skills/gear that I have and give me your feedback and things that you like/dislike or should be changed/added.

Once again, thanks a lot guys!


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