I have 100M to upgrade my barbarian.

If anyone could look at my barb and give me some advice what I could upgrade the most in order to increase my farming skill I would really appreciate it. Thanks!
Use Ruthless Passive. I have never seen someone who wasn't using it. you have blown my mind lol

take the topaz out of the helm and put a ameythst in there.

you look like you are really interested in magic find. 100 million is not going to get you really good gear WITH magic find. you will have to sacrifice alot of the MF to make the 100 million go a long ways
Is MF even necessary?
01/29/2013 08:46 AMPosted by TiltedSpade
Is MF even necessary?

i don't think so, but lots of people put alot of stock in it. leveling in paragon will increase it 3% per level and you get a big boost on higher MPs...so i don't care much about it putting it on my gear.

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