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Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone would be kind enough to give some advice. By barb is fine on MP0 and i can manage MP1 but anything higher seems fairly impossible. I would love to craft a hellfire and its just not happening!!

So if anyone has any ideas for upping my DPS it would be much appreciated. I dont really keep up with common builds etc so perhaps ive got my skills all wrong?

Thanks in advance
Hi Drastik

Your barb is well below the required stats to be able to hold your own at above your MP level. Your Vit and AR needs to be raised dramatically. You need at least 500+ AR and a solid increase to your life to be able to take the hits and survive.

Start off with looking at getting some increase to you AR as that'll help with surviving the affixes that'll kill ya.

As for DPS, do not worry so much about that as not living long enough to actually hit something is more of a worry.

As for skills, I am a big fan of Rend/Blood Lust, so try that out.
At first glance, your gear looks like it should be able to manage MP3 with ease, and solo MP5 with some struggle. But then, I realize you have only 28k Life. Get more life mate, that's all for now. Add me Halgray#6776 if you want to chit chat about it a little
I would say you need to settle on a build first, then gear accordingly. At the moment, there's not much synergy between the skills you have chosen - and synergy is THE key to ensuring you have a build that makes the most of the gear you have.

For farming, nothing beats the traditional DW WW spec:!ZVY!YZcZZc

Farm your !@# off and slowly upgrade or getting different pieces for different builds.

If you follow this route, you need to remember: sheet DPS counts almost for nothing. Thankfully, sssdrawr has built an EHP/tDPS (i.e. True DPS) calculator to help you plan your purchases:

Also, I'd recommend ditching the Skorn, but many find the build viable with a slow but high DPS 2h. Although most people who use a Skorn for WW end up buying a combination of Inna's Temparance and Lacuni Prowlers (and maybe a Mempo) to make up for the low APS. Keep the Skorn and use it for a cheap Rend build (although you would probably need LS to do this).

Apart from this, I have very little to offer that the Barb community has not already come up with:

For gear stats and choices, DBoys reference is hard to beat:

Uberjager's thread has a more advanced discussion of the WW spec and gear:

And I'd consider using Phat to help you gear regardless of what build you go for:

I may have a half decent OH dagger to give you, add me if you want.

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